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  1. Mounting a generator behind rear wheels is sketchy. Road debris dust etc if going north salt will destroy circuit boards......you do not want to learn the way i did
  2. Top rear corner of curbslide hits exterior trim piece top 1/3. Slide will not be able to go in. If i pry it around would likely tear off moulding coming out. Will pressure while i going in and out "reposition" slide?
  3. Not in disagreement of any of specs or warnings on capacity or danger of overloading. After 20 plus years of vehicle manufacturing engineering design experience with prototype vehicle testing experience i can tell you manufacturers rate vehicles at 2/3 of spec design intent and durability test failures. So over rated spec is at your risk but design material rating and testing provide 1-1/2 x rated capacity for liability protection for manufacturer as well as any incident by user.
  4. As a former OTR O/O, tri axles are for weight carry capacity but more so to provide a properly engineered trailer to have the braking capacity for that weight. Electric (magnet) brakes do not have sufficient braking with 2 axles for increased weight. Converting to electric actuated hydraulic brakes will provide greater braking. When considering the tires you will replace with 3 axles rotating on middle axle the upfront cost will save you maitenence and downtime cost.
  5. If anything like a home install Open door and look for screws going up or to each side. Rear of micro likely hangs on rail near lower of rear of micro
  6. I have a 2009 Winegard Roadtrip with 2 dish wallys. the wallys load sw44 which does not recognise (locate) 119 or 129 satelittes on our unit. Winegard says we need to get the SW64 switch installed but dish says no can do with software. I have seen posts where a switch is installed on the roof? Detroit area does not seem yo have much field support from dish techs. We are 10 days from moving into our home after 3 months fulltime glamping. Kinda like closing barn door after horse is out but with Michigan weather and packing away our household when we sold......would like to be better prepared after we settle into house. Anyone know how to get switch installed or updated or technician sipport in northern Detroit suburbs.
  7. I have a winegard roadtrip on my 2009. We set up 2 wally's and everything was great for 2weeks. We lost some channels and thought dish had dtopped broadcasting them. Turns out we lost 119 satelite We are on northeast zone Then we lost all satelittes Multiple time on phone we only have local basic channels and 61.5 and 110 will not lock in.we are stationary since april 1 Dish referred local techs who do not answer phone number we were given in northeastern suburbs of Detroit
  8. Spending the season in Bouvier Bridge Marina RV Resort. Nice location by Anchor Bay marina for walks by the water. Great RV supply store, full hookup, great location in middle of New Baltimore - Port Huron waterfront. Reasonable weekly, monthly, seasonal rates.
  9. Big greg, when preparing to fulltime in our 2009 Elite suite 36TK3 we moved the recliners, with the typical shredding leather, out and upon moving in one of our recliners being moved out of sticks n bricks, wait no way, the rv recliners are comfortable but literally 25% narrower so 2 "home" recliners would not fit. The sofa is very comfortable and the storage under seat is great but wish it was a full sleeper. Not sure if it was ever available
  10. We love this trailer, 2 entry doors and central ducted basement a/c very rare. Lots of Open space floor plan. Very functional especially with slide in. Corian counters and oak cabinets thruout. My wife retired so we will spend alot more time in rv and we keep on property up north so i spend alot of time living in rv. Avion has been awesome but wife wanted more slides and that is a DRV with 3 hydraulic slides and hydraulic leveling. With new tires and rubber roof and the onboard generator freshly serviced this rv is ready for someone to love as much as we do.
  11. Fleetwood 34.5(G?) Avion 5th wheel 2nd owner 14ft slide streetside 2 Entry, rear curbside and mid entry streetside New roof, tires, onboard genset starter. Stored indoors Queen bed, central ducted and roof A/C $9,500 negotiable Photos on request 586-206-4696
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