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  1. Solid advice Todd. Thanks everyone for the insight it was super helpful!
  2. When using those services (ie Outdoorsey) the quote is around $20-$30k for a 3 month rental. It’s basically the single night price with a minimal discount if any. Do you think a person who lives in a cold weather area would discount the rental for a period of time where I’m sure they seldom have any other interested parties? Or, are there a lot of folks on the market looking for long term winter rentals that they wouldn’t have to offer a discount? Also, when I say discount I’m thinking 5k for three months. I feel like it would be a win-win but Since I’m new I’m not sure if my point of view is ridiculous.
  3. Hi all, I live in upstate New York and recently started a moderately successful pool company. It’s seasonal work so it’s basically 6months on and 6months off. I’ve been tossing around the idea of purchasing a motor home to spend the off season setting up camp at a new destination each year. While the 6months off is nice the other 6 are so packed it leaves me with no chance of even using the RV. Time share clubs won’t give me the duration and mileage I’m seeking. So, I was wondering if joint/dual ownership opportunities exist. Since I’d be using it during the winter I feel I’d be the ideal candidate for someone who is looking to supplement the cost of ownership. I’m an avid camper but know nothing about the RV world. Any insight or feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
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