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  1. Interesting information on traveling with birds. Thanks to all for sharing your stories- i never would have thought about it if not for this thread. Tho what surprises me is the lack of comments on the OP's plan to have 12 cats aboard too. !
  2. All you need to stream is a computer with internet access and a TV. And you only need a TV if you dont want to watch the program on your computer screen. Thats it. There are several free streaming services out there (we like Pluto the best for our needs) but if you want certain channels, youll have to subscribe to a package that gets them. That will obviously vary in cost. What we do is stream the free services mostly, pay if its a live event that we HAVE to watch live, and get the rest from the torrent stream the next day. And spend the rest of our time watching Elon prepare to disrupt the entire cable industry. Go Elon!
  3. Longtime USA Nord user here and i have to say I LOVE it. I mostly got it for privacy/security but i also like logging in locally to events around the world (Aussie Rules!).
  4. If the above excellent answers still leave you with questions, may i suggest searching on youtube. There seems to be a HowTo on about everything on there.
  5. Reread the ENTIRE original posting please. My response is NOT out of context. Again, my experience is in contrast to what was stated in the OP. Also again, if you want to argue with others, feel free. But the FACT remains that an Escapee's park near me was not full at the time when i visited. And i see that you always ignore that fact and try to divert your criticism onto other parks which i have no information on.
  6. Lou, if you will look at the OP you will see that he did not limit his statement to any "type" of Escapees park. He posted "All the escspee parks are full with multi-year waiting lists." This is simply not true. My statement stands. If you wish to discuss occupancy levels at all of the various Escapees parks, you'll have to do it with others as i have only driven by the one lately.
  7. Agree with "the sky is falling" post on p1. fwiw, i drove by a local Escapees park in TN last week and while busy, it was far from full. Speculation and opinions are wonderful, but lets dont present them as facts.
  8. What is the matter with people these days. And this a grown man.
  9. Whats your budget, both for purchase and ongoing rv expenses?
  10. https://www.teslarati.com/elon-musk-starlink-ipo-retail-investors-update/ The geofencing is apparently to control the # of users in an area so that they dont overwhelm the system in the short run. When enough satellites are operational, it will be removed. Exciting times we live in.
  11. Of my last 3 vehicles, 2 of them sold within a week of posting them at my favorite local repair shop bulletin board.
  12. No personal experience, but i have read several postings on various RV sites/forums that say that the Flex Seal stuff comes loose after about 6 months in the weather. They do fun commercials tho.
  13. I dont know about today's formulation, but adding fire to wasp spray would have been VERY effective against most anything back when i was younger. And yeah, its a a wonder i survived to get out of my teens. I know that today's spray is much less toxic, and i would assume that they cut out the flammability if possible. You know, to protect the children. ((from having any fun))
  14. No. Even products labeled soley as 'pepper spray' will have different formulations/proportions. If you want to start a cop fight, get one to tell the other that his spray works better than anyone elses.
  15. Folks, listen to Wayne. I have reviewed his posts in this thread and found them to be 100% accurate within the scope of my experience. Kirk, glad you didnt take it wrong. I think the average RV might not even be able to move if it contained every gadget available. We all have different personal situations and preferences- whats right for one person may not even be a consideration for another. There arent many things that are Right or Wrong for everyone. I will add that audio recording consent varies from state to state. I sure dont want to go down that rabbit hole.
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