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  1. ..hmm, ok.. just looking for opinions. Seems our countries issues have fallen over to this RV community as well, accuse and mock 1st without knowing the facts. On another forum this received positive response. so, maybe this forum isnt so friendly.. just how I see it on face value, but I appreciate the reply. Our main purpose is to look for a new home, not make money. People photography is what we do, and I thought this might be a fun idea. I hope you only cast a shadow on my future studio door.. don't bother to knock for portraits. 😢😊 best of luck in your travels.
  2. good enough.. just looking for opinions. This isnt just about a "book". Think of it as some fun. meeting new people. new conversations. besides, we would be offering free portraits to anyone that wanted them. we would provide a file or an emailed image.. regards dw
  3. ..Just good portraits in an RV life setting
  4. ...think Richard Avedon πŸ˜‰
  5. Hello all. We are new to the RV life thing. We have not yet set out on the road as yet, but we have the RV ! ..a JAYCO 24b. 1st we have to sell our building, then we will be on the road looking for a new place to settle. I have a question for this group of RVers - Both Barb & I are photographers. Along with the regular travel photo-thing, I had another idea and may want to publish a book about it. A little history: Back in my 20s 30s and 40s I was an editorial/fashion/portrait photographer in NYC. I stopped doing this for a living about 20yrs ago, though my main focus in photography today is still shooting people. Here's the Q for everyone - How would you feel if you were at an RV park and someone offered you and your RV companions a free portrait? I would like to do this at every park we stop at, then when we settle, put all the photos together and publish a photo book about the people of the RV life. The focus will be about the 'people'. [still photo-portraits]. ...good idea? Best regards, Dave and Barb
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