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  1. You also need to be aware that further restrictions go into effect starting at 11:59pm on 11-16-2020. One of which BANS any inside gatherings. Once again all restaurants will be restricted to Take Out Only and other businesses are restricted to 25% occupancy. Sadly the main reason for this is the Seattle Area. There are many areas in the state that could still be in phase 3 where they have been for quite a while. Joe
  2. Check with "Smiley's" in Mt Vernon. Joe
  3. I also use Firefox and the problem is intermittent. Will work fine for several days, then out of the blue I need to log in. However if I just ignore the login and visit a couple of other sites then come back to SKP it usually logs me in. Really no set pattern and no seeming reason for it. Hence my blaming something going on with the site. Joe
  4. Same thing here. With things set to keep me signed in I was signed out twice. Tried going back to the site approx 15 minutes later and walla, I was signed in again. You have your opinion of things and I have mine, I still say it's the site. Joe
  5. I use Firefox and a security program. My take is still that the site is screwed up. Joe
  6. I cleared the cookies yesterday and ended up having to create a new account to log back in. So the site is still screwed up. Joe
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