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  1. UPDATE: Called Winnebago back again on Friday, this time they told me they were still looking for a fix. I told them I was absolutely livid at their lack of QA/QC on their assembly lines and that I will be calling them on a daily basis until they fix their product. I was called back about 15 minutes after that call by someone else at Winnebago who told me they want to "try" having me go to an iDatalink Maestro dealer and have them update the Maestro with a new firmware that came out the week I picked up my Travato. I'm due to let them know when I'm back in Ocala, Florida next week so they
  2. iball

    Dry Baths

    Doesn't Leisure Travel Vans have a dry bath in some of their models? I do know that some manufacturers are "importing" the standard European-style wet baths where there's a special "door" inside the space itself that swings over and covers the entire sink & toilet when closed and gives the appearance and functionality of a "dry bath" but when open it completely hides the shower side. Honestly, *all* RV manufacturers making smaller Class B RVs should be looking at using that as much as possible.
  3. Thanks! I just posted over there. I searched through their forums but didn't see anything about it. Not sure too many 2021 Travato L models with the new Pioneer radios have gone out the door just yet.
  4. UPDATE: Called Winnebago support back again today and after having to call back again because their phone system glitched and dumped my call, they say they're having a meeting at 2pm CST today to discuss the fix and whether it can be done at any Winnebago-approved service center or if it has to go back to the factory. Something tells me they really, really screwed up and it's probably affected every 2021 Travato they've pushed out the door to date. Also, if it requires an ODB-II computer, only Dodge repair facilities are going to have that and not the Winnebago service and repair center
  5. Well, I dived in and did some more research on the Maestro system that connects the Pioneer DMH-1500NEX radio to the 2021 Promaster chassis and...well, technically it's not supported by the Maestro manufacturer, iDatalink. When I go to their website and select 2021, then Ram, all it shows is a pickup truck and not the Promaster. If you select any other year then you can select Promaster. When I looked to see if there was a possible firmware update for it, I did find they released a new one a few days before I picked up my Travato but it's for firmware version 2.4 of the CHR03E-DS Maestr
  6. Feature-wise, the Pioneer stomps on the factory Uconnect radio. The Apple Carplay is pretty flawless, Sirius XM works well, Android Auto is...well, it's android auto so it's lackluster compared to Apple Carplay. Backup cam is integrated into it and it's also hooked up to the ODBII port so it gets engine and chassis info that can be displayed as gauges. It also integrates the factory TPM system as well as the second backup cam (there's two cams - one for the rearview mirror and one for the backup cam itself. The backup cam is angled lower so you can see the trailer hitch as well.) But
  7. Yes, they did. Not to mention the dash itself is giving me a message that they've been disabled. Just got off the phone with Winnebago Customer Support (must have been a long meeting) and they're going to talk with one of their engineers. They state that so far it looks like a miss on their part (duh) and that a Dodge dealer might not be able to fix it since the Uconnect system was removed by them. They're going to call me back once they figure it out. I told them they might want to hurry in case it could be an issue with ALL of their new 2021 Promaster-based chassis models. Loo
  8. Anyone else here have one of the new 2021 Travatos with the new rear-view "mirror cam" and blind spot avoidance systems? I picked mine up on February 9th and immediately drove to Florida just ahead of all the polar vortex madness but it seems that from the day I picked it up the dash was telling me the blind spot avoidance system was disabled, the crosswind-assist isn't working either, and neither is the emergency obstacle breaking. Since I was trying to outrun a major storm, we never did the walk-through of the RV itself because had we done it I'd still be in Forest City living in the
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