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  1. I'm working through the process of trying to get my class A exempt non-CDL. I went to the Spring DPS MegaCenter and took the written test yesterday. The common theme was no one had any clue what a class A non-commercial license was, what it required, or how to do it. After consulting with a supervisor they ultimately had me take the special requirements test, but not the combination test. The supervisor explained the process to the person handling the steps after the written test, and told me that for the skills test I only needed to bring the truck, and not the trailer. So at least I have the written test out of the way. Unfortunately in trying to schedule a skills test the only location available with a date earlier than Feb 2021 is 155 miles away (Canton). So, not sure where I go from here at all. The temporary learner's permit they gave me expires in 60 days.
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