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  1. I bought 2 MTI surface mounted, hard-wired, carbon monoxide alarms for my boat. The previous factory-installed alarms of another make were the cause of false alarms, couldn’t handle a voltage drop, and were very fragile (they had to be taken apart for installation, removal, or access to wiring). The MTI units couldn’t have been easier to install or set up (there’s nothing to do). They can handle a reasonable voltage drop. In short, they great value and I can’t fault them.
  2. Roadmaster is an awesome towed vehicle braking system! It really wasn’t too hard to install and we also bought the 2nd vehicle kit. It’s already saved us too. We were cruising down the highway with our 40-foot motorhome and a Chevy Silverado 4×4 on the back being towed. A lady in a car slammed on her brakes to turn into a driveway so, I had to do a panic stop! We came with 15 to 20 feet from rear-ending her! If I wouldn’t have had this braking system, I’m sure we would have been in an accident!! Very glad we bought it!!
  3. We have used Thetford a couple of times and it did the job…no leaks, no spills, no mess. It does not compress as well as our original one did but no biggie. The tubing itself is a little more plasticized and a little less rubberized than I had in mind but hard to criticize too much when it has proven it can take raw sewage from a container under the coach and put it into a little hole in the ground 15 to 20 feet away quickly and easily.
  4. I bought Camco to help stabilize our camper. We were still having some pretty wild rocking forward and back even after blocking the wheels, so I bought these jacks. One each on the front corners of the frame (there were already stabilizer jacks at the back) made our camper rock solid, and I didn’t have to install any hardware. When done, the support comes out of the base, and the bases stack neatly so they hardly take up any space. When I got them I wasn’t even convinced there were four in the box until I opened it. Absolutely worth the money.
  5. We used OxGord through 6 Western states in our Thor Model 23TR RV. It is a dual rear wheel 23.5′ diesel-powered RV built on a Ford 350HD Van Chassis. In prior years with a Lance trailer and truck camper have used 2×6 planks and/or the orange leggo-like levelers. I have found these levelers easy to use and sturdy. I carry the orange leggos but didn’t have to use them on our 3200-mile tour, using them in most of the places we camped. I recommend these for vehicles within the weight rating listed for the product.
  6. Hughes Autoformers saved my bacon! We were having record high temps in Florida. The park I am currently in is a brand new park but one leg of the voltage always read low, usually low 100s. During the peak heat times, the suspect leg would drop below 102 which causes my EMS to cut power to the rig. Having this Autoformer boosted the bad leg to an operable voltage and keeps us cool! Turned out to be a power company issue that took 3 weeks to repair. This was an expensive purchase however sometimes you get what you pay for. Very very pleased with it.
  7. I use a Universal battery as part of an emergency backup power for my home. It powers an inverter, (which takes the 12 volt DC from this battery and converts that to standard 120 VAC power to operate normal household appliances, lighting, etc.) It is charged by either a wall outlet or solar panels. This battery performs well in deep cycle applications. Note: it is an AGM (absorbed glass mat) battery which is a type of gel, sealed lead acid battery with heavy plates to handle deep discharge. It is designed for backup power applications and not for high output current applications like engine start. The battery is heavy. Did I mention that it’s heavy? but for backup power, this baby will do the job.
  8. I used the Camco Propane Gauge Leak Detector to connect to my RV propane tank so I wouldn’t be surprised next time it runs out. Works exactly as you would expect. No complaints. Just keep in mind that once it starts moving to the yellow, RUN, do not walk to the refill station. This does not work like a gas tank: it works by pressure: so once it starts to drop that low it is a lot closer to empty than you would think.
  9. Winegard PL-7000 product is Great. I purchased it to replace a king tailgater that would take forever to sink up to the satellites if it could find them. When I called King they wanted $350 just to look at it plus shipping to and from plus parts and $85 /hr labor. The playmaker was easy to set up. I had no problems. I was able to use the cable “in” on the outside of my travel trailer and put the receiver inside using the onboard wiring. I started the sync process. It took less than 10 minutes had all 3 satellites plus all the updates since I had not used the receiver since last fall. I am using a Dish 211z receiver. I am very impressed with this dish. I highly recommend it. I did use the DishformyRv app to make sure I had a clear view of the satellites. I was truly impressed with the speed of set up compared to the tailgater. I just hope to get several years from it.
  10. I am an RVer, I spent a lot of time on the road. So, I want to recomment an RV water filter. Camco water filter is not to make non-potable water potable but to improve the taste of water. It functions very much the same as a Brita filter on a sink or a pitcher that people use in their homes. We are very happy with this purchase for our RV as the water where we are at you can smell the chlorine in. It literally smells like bleach water on some days. Once installing this there is a huge improvement in taste. We do not have any leaking either. We use it in conjunction with a pressure regulator and a hose elbow on our RV to make sure we don’t have kinked hoses or pressure problems. Will be purchasing more of these in the future as it wears out.
  11. JACO is the best of the ones I have owed. The bleeder works in small increments so you can get real accurate results. Just make sure to bleed it out after use and leave no pressure on it. I ruined one other that way. No air lost putting on the stem! Was worried that lower pressure reading in the 30 – 40 range would not be accurate because of how high this goes. Seems to work great on motorcycle tires and 10 ply tires at 90lbs. Saved the best for last, It is L shaped and swivels. Looked far and wide to find an L shaped one that even swivels. Try it and the 45 fixed angles will be lost at the bottom of your toolbox, must be way lot cheaper to make.
  12. I've used Weber grill several times and it cooks better than my larger one. It's a bit heavy, but the quality of the construction is impressive. The design is excellent, and it folds for rolling and storage easily. Kudos to the designer - If it's who I think it was, PJD, back a number of years ago on his TV show. The third burner adds plenty of additional heat when needed. A 1 pound propane tank will last well over an hour depending on the use of the burners. These screw in easily below the grill. The only minor exception is the roughness of the cast iron grates. These appear to be sand-cast and have a rough, gritty finish. During the initial few uses burgers and chicken will stick and leave a bit of their delicate charred surface on the grill. A smoother surface will season much easier. Otherwise, this is a nice grill. Recommended!
  13. I bought Renogy to charge the deep cycle battery on my RV and to charge the Duracell Powerpack 600 (26ah AGM battery inside) when car camping, which runs an ARB portable fridge and some other smaller items. I tested it recently at sea level on a 65 degree no clouds day in TX and I was quite pleased to see peak outputs of 7 amps from the panel when I really loaded up the battery. Later I disconnected the battery from the panels and depleted it to around 40%. After reconnecting, it was near fully charged in around 2 hours. The complaints about the dim LEDs on the controller are not an issue for me as I would rather not waste power on bright LEDs that I will rarely look at. The charge controller is the same one used on another similar kit being sold on Amazon for over $500. It claims to be fully waterproof including the controller and from the looks of it that is true. The build quality is solid and the case seems like it will do a good job of keeping the panels protected. I can see no reason to buy one of the more expensive kits if you can get this level of performance at such a low price.
  14. On my first trip out, EEZTire warned me of a rapid pressure loss. Was able to pull over and save my RV from possible damage. The tire was starting to come apart. Swapped the sensors to one of my gooseneck utility trailers and it again warned me of low pressure while traveling at night through Houston. I was able to find a safe spot to pull over. The tire had a slow leak. Signal works great on 35′ RV and 24′ gooseneck.
  15. I have found Protect All lubricant to be very handy for a wide variety of uses. Specifically, it sprays on in a liquid and will penetrate into hinge joints. Then it becomes somewhat waxy and remains in place to provide long-lasting lubrication. I have used it successfully for small device gears, convertible top hinge points, RV antenna lifting gears, power seat worm gears, RV and household door locks, and a multitude of other places needing lubrication. They can last a long time, but I finally used up my first one and immediately bought another.
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