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  1. Thank you again Kirk. That was a well-written column. The idea that the expenses for full-timing will vary according to the lifestyle one is accustomed to makes sense, and I'd be wise to take a hard look at the must-haves vs. nice-to-haves.
  2. Appreciated. I need to pin down the fuel costs and dumping/restocking logistics. I'd like to upgrade solar/energy storage and carry extra water to stay away from campgrounds for ~2 weeks at a time. Storage runs about 80/month here, so not too bad. Insurance on this sort of class B looks like 2k/month.
  3. Thank you Kirk! A lot of good info. The end of year expenses you linked to were eye-opening. I do hope my maintenance and cell/internet costs aren't that high. I'll have to dig in there to ensure I have it pinned down. Your perspective on full timing @ 57 also jives with what I've heard from many others. I'm still working on the math, but if I can end up no worse off when compared to renting an apartment, I'll consider it a win.
  4. Thanks Linda. That site has a wealth of relevant info, and I've been reading about exactly that over the last few days. I used to work as a sys admin, but for my current role I'll only need a solid LTE connection for calls and the occasional video meeting. All else I can do without, or deal with the inconvenience of a slower connection. My plan was to pick up a direction antenna, amp, and LTE/WiFi router, but I'm early days on catching up with current tech, and I don't yet know how limited my boondocking options will be with those criteria. Seems like others are doing it.
  5. Hi all! I have been kicking around the idea of full timing for a while, and I need to bounce my logic off someone to see if my plans are realistic.I sold my condo and had been renting for the last 12 months, living downtown in a larger metro and paying around $3500 all in (rent/parking/utilities). My lease is up shortly, and I’d love to move my stuff into storage, buy a higher end/rugged/teched out class B, and spend a few years exploring. I work a 9-5 but am 100% remote, and I have 6 weeks of vacation that I can use for flexibility. I’ll need to stay within cell data coverage or close to it, but other than that I’m limited only by how much gas/water I can carry. I’m aiming for something like last years Winnie Revel, upgraded with lithium batteries and enough solar to power my gear. So ~125-130K all in, based on what I’ve seen via rvtrader. I’d be purchasing in February.Here’s where I’m looking for another set of eyes. By my logic, even considering the monthly (~$1500 depending on term/down payment), maintenance, depreciation, and the plan to sell in 2-3 years, I’m still saving money vs. renting and I'll have a much better view. Please tell me where I’m being naïve, or what I should really consider before making this sort of leap. Thanks!
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