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  1. Those are very cool! Almost makes me think it could double as a whiteboard during the day, big screen in the evening and then beds at night.
  2. Awesome! It seems that some of them now are big enough for adults. I think I saw one the other day that was actually a queen size
  3. Thanks for all the info @Kirk W - had no idea they made those back in '87. Like I mentioned we're just getting started on research so it's all pretty foreign so far. I'll check out the links you suggested. It's an interesting idea to try a DIY solution.
  4. Hi, We're on the lookout for a used Class A or Class C that we could use for a full-time living setup with our family of 5. Ideally: - older, used, diesel, between 32 and 40 feet - bunks and/or drop down bunk above the cab - dinette, u-shaped - outdoor kitchen - larger water and propane tanks and some solar Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Hi - we're just getting started with research before we buy our first RV. Thinking used Class-A, and curious if anyone knows the first year the drop down bunk came out? The oldest we've been able to find so far is 2014. Thanks!
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