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  1. Owning a Mercedes Sprinter based RV is great as long as nothing is broken. On our trip from N. Carolina to Yellowstone this year our DEF system on our 2015 View went out. Check DEF warning and finally the dreaded 10 starts remaining. This after topping off the tank every other fuel stop. After diverting 250 miles to the closest MB dealer in Farmington, UT they diagnosed an internal failure in the def tank (6 years old and less than 12,000 miles). Repair and replacement was ~ $3,500.00. That hurt and made the trip very memorable. Still arguing with Mercedes on why they won't stand behind their product. By the way don't waste your time asking Winnebago for assistance as they tell you to contact Mercedes with chassis issues. The good part was the problem was fixed and the dealership was outstanding in their response.
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