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  1. There is no RV Park at work; I would just be parking my rig in one of the employee parking stalls. The reason I'm not able to use my work as my physical address is because it's more of an unofficial thing. My manager is allowing it, but it's something that the higher ups/owner in Seattle have not officially allowed. Other driver's have lived on-site with their rigs hooked up with no problem, but they had family home address to use as their physical address. I just don't want to step over the line and put my manager in a weird position. Also, thank you all for the responses!

  2. I am a WA resident, employed in OR. I am considering transitioning from studio apartment living to full time Rving while I have very few belongings and no children. I would be living on site at work where there are hook ups. I've already rented RV several times to try and replicate full time living and see if this is a lifestyle for me. So far, my only issue is that work requires a physical address. Unfortunately, all my family is in Hawaii and the only other people I know here are my co workers and I wouldn't want to burden them with such a request.  I've considered renting a room at someone's home but average costs are around 600-700, which is a lot when also considering monthly RV living costs. I'm curious if anyone has been in a similar situation or if anyone has any ideas. I know car registration requires physical address, so I'm also curious how RVers go about doing that as well. Thank you in advance!

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