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  1. Thank you Denny. I just wanted to hear what people like yourselves did
  2. That's ok Linda, I just assumed there would be people on here our age, 63 and 65 who were in the same boat.
  3. Zulu, thank you. I did feel I was left behind a little. I certainly will look at the posts you suggested and the link you suggested. One way or the other we will do this.
  4. Thank you for responses relating to my post. I am aware of the Medicare issues as I am a volunteer advocate for an organisation called MMAP, Inc (Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program) In Michigan. It is a free health-benefit counseling service provided to Michigan residents. It's a very intensive/rigid training course where you not only learn about Medicare inside out but the 100 related programs Michigan offers. I probably didn't make myself clear, but I guess I wanted to ask, how many out there just have catastrofic or have found a reasonably priced plan that would bridge the gap until medicare? The only issue I have is a little arthritis in my hands.
  5. Hi everyone, Frank and I are new members and excited to learn all we can. We would really love to take off next year when Frank can officially retire. However, one big dilemma! I not old enough for Medicare, we have checked into it and paying for Medicare and the supplement is bad enough, but what it would cost for me, who is not 65 for 2 and 1/2 years yet is ridiculous! We never expected it to be this much. Advice from anyone who is in our situation would be so welcome. Thank you.
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