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  1. No, I had to provide two pieces of mail to demonstrate my Wisconsin address and residency. I was applying for the "REAL" ID, though.
  2. I have a somewhat pertinent question. I plan to use an address here in my home State of Wisconsin as my domicile, but I want everything else to go through the Escapees Mail Service TX address. The mail service application is talking about a form 1583. Does this form automatically start the USPS forwarding my mail, or is it just permission for them to handle my mail?
  3. Yes, if I hadn't wanted the REAL ID, I could have renewed online. They did check my vision when I went in, probably because of my age.
  4. Yeah, I dunno either. I just went in yesterday and the 2 pieces of mail worked just fine. Of course I also had my address on my old DL.
  5. Yeah, my passport was expired, so I wasn't sure they'd honor it.
  6. They didn't say anything to me about proof of residence. The two pieces of mail I brought were fine for that. I had mislaid my birth certificate and it took a few days to order and receive a copy.
  7. Thanks for the tips. This forum is AWESOME! Yes, I renew my license this week, and will get the REAL deal. That's a great idea to start the address change now. That way she would only need to handle things like correspondence from the DMV, voter reg, etc.
  8. I've been to Seattle in the summertime, but haven't lived there. I did live in Portland, OR for about 10 years, and loved it a lot.
  9. Yeah, we won't make it out of here until November this year, just because of moving our stuff into storage or getting rid of it. Typically we will leave Wisconsin by September. I cannot tolerate the cold anymore, and my wife can work from anywhere there's internet/mobile coverage.
  10. OK, I figured it out. At first, I will do a change of address to my daughter's house. Then I will notify any potential senders of my change of address, except motor vehicle, voting, insurance, etc. Obviously, 99% of all that stuff can be done paperless, anyway. That means she will have to forward stuff maybe once or twice until the mail stops coming to her house. Not bad.
  11. QUESTION: If I use the escapees mail service, will I need to file a change of address with USPS? That could make things difficult.
  12. The doctor can write most prescriptions to be filled anywhere, but with the two controlled substances, he cannot write more than three refills, it must be in Wisconsin, and they can't be stocked up ahead of time. Special thanks to the good old DEA! What a pain! No room for the rig at her place, but I can definitely leave a few things there. If we did stay with them IRL, she'd double up the kids and give us one of the bedrooms anyway. I don't think we have to physically act that situation out if everyone is on the same page about our "story." I'm close with daughter, so it will be easy to do that.
  13. Good news! I just heard back from the Wisconsin DMV. "Thank you for contacting the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles. We do need a physical address to put on file for you, but it is ok to use a family member’s address (with their permission) if that is your address of record within the state. Our active-duty service members do exactly this as an example. If you wish to obtain the federally-compliant REAL ID when you renew in the next few months, you may wish to set up appropriate residency proofs ahead of your visit. I’ve attached a link to information on REAL ID below."
  14. Yes, my daughter would handle a few forwards responsibly. That's my girl! Even if the DMV person sheds doubts, I might do it anyway. As you said, it could easily be some office drone who doesn't actually know. As long as me and my daughter are on the same page, I don't see how they could cause trouble, and yes, one main reason for this is to not have to find a new Medicare Supplemental insurance provider. I paid deductibles for several years to reach the point where I don't have to any more, and I think I would lose that if I switch to a different provider. I will be in Wisconsin most every summer, and I visit regularly with my daughters kids and family. That way I won't be completely absent from that address. Thanks for the heads up about maybe needing to upgrade my insurance to full time. This is WAY more complicated than it needs to be!
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