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  1. Thanks all, I did verify that my bank would wire transfer the same day while I wait. Much appreciated. Also I'm looking at purchasing something that is pretty far away, a days drive. I plan on having an inspector look at it before I travel there. But it's kind of weird thinking of purchasing something without having seen it for days.
  2. Ok, now let's talk about buying from an individual and the rig is too old to finance. How has anyone forked over 40K+ dollars to an individual. A dealer would just take a check, an individual, not.
  3. Kirk... I found a site that has inspectors. Thanks for the help. https://nrvia.org/locate/
  4. Kirk W. Thank you very much for the useful advice. Especially the link to the Changing Gears website and the checklists. Any tips on finding both a local place that can do the oil analysis and/or a RV inspector. I guess a dealer might know of these but not an individual.
  5. No a Class A is what I am looking for. I've purchased popups and since they are orders of magnitude less expensive and do not have an engine, I was pretty comfortable with that. But plunking down 80K on something from an individual is weird. I have read about getting the engine oil checked as a way to tell if there are issues with the engine. Does anyone have experience with that? I guess I will check out every light, door, etc. What about internals like sewer, water heaters, fridge, etc. I would know how to check fridge and AC, but sewer and water systems???
  6. I am not sure if this is the correct spot or not, if not I apologise. I am looking at purchasing a used Class A. What I am finding unnerving is multi-fold 1. Buying directly from an individual, plunking down 70K in cash is very difficult for me. 2. Can I trust the brokers? RVTrader.com, POPRVs.com, some guy named Sonny Baggett and sonnyb@popsells.com What is the story on this type of stuff. And especially checking out a used one from an individual seems daunting.
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