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    Full-time Adventurer, Retied Judge👨‍⚖️ , Guitar Player🎸, 100% service-Connected disability (USN), Harley Trike pilot,🏍️ Cat Dad🐱, Fish Stalker🐟 , former Dir., Law Enforcement Relations,👮‍♂️ Gun Owners of America/NY🔫 ...
  1. Here's a web page that gives an overview, not complete, but a start https://www.blogs.va.gov/VAntage/68479/veterans-need-vhic-for-in-person-commissary-military-exchange-and-mwr-access/
  2. One note: There is a difference between 100% disabled and 100% disabled/permanent and total in determination of some benefits, regardless of service connection... I haven't figured it all out yet but I'm on it. Judge
  3. From what I gather at this point, our VA Health card is valid for base exchange privileges thanks to recent changes in DoD regs. I can't say for sure that any base recreation/campsite is available, but I'm thinking not. I spent a few hours going through different sites to get my documents from the VA (Proof of service/disability rating, etc) so I can complete the form 1172 application for the DoD card, only to hit a roadblock in the one site I needed to apply to. Signing in and out, changing my password, etc, et al., ... only to keep getting the same error message. My next move will be to call the help desk and explain my SNAFU. I'm just going to assume I DO need the card... My health card (with service connected on it), my DD214, my award letter, proof of service; all that is just steps I accomplished to that end goal. In sum, I've made good progress in only a couple of days time, much credit and thanks to you folks here, hand salute! As far as firearms, I tow a 6×14 trailer with my Harley and accouterments in it, it also has a gun safe, so I can secure everything in there if need be... I'll keep you updated as I progress, and if I find anything that may be of general interest... Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum, Judge
  4. Gee Chief, I didn't even think of that! I'll put that on my list of "things to ask"...
  5. Much of what I see is fairly on the money. Jurisdictions vary, but if you are not operating as an LLC, under a business license, advertise as "for hire", etc... you're pretty much just doing a friend a good deed. Criminals have a code: "Always in cash, never on paper." that seems to be applicable here, even though there are no laws for being a good Samaritan. The "Hey want to make some money" is the wrong approach here, don't advertise this as a money making scheme, and whatever goes on between gentlemen (women) is none of the state's business. Even in the event you are stopped by a road pirate for a "safety check', keep it simple (being friendly/respectful with LEO's is one thing, talking yourself into a corner you can't get out of is another 😉). Just have a simple story you and your friend agree on, don't diverge from it, carry the relevant paperwork, and what the state doesn't know about covering expenses was none of their business anyhow... As long as I'm withing the restrictive limits of my drivers license (weight, air brakes, etc...), no Judge I've met would come down on you for being a good friend of your RV community. In sum, intent matters; are you looking to make money, or are you looking to make a positive contribution to society by doing a good deed for a friend and fellow #Vagabond?
  6. Wow, thanks for answering so quickly folks (Military members are so prompt, courteous and respectful) I do not have a base privilege card, I guess I'll look into that today. I do have my DD214/disability rating docs, etc. Larry's site is very concise, for sure. I had trouble setting up an account, and he also got back to my email within a couple of hours. So, I guess I have my mission for this afternoon. I appreciate all your help and I'll post back with any updates, or if I hit any roadblocks. God Bless America, and safe journeys all, "JudgeGarry"
  7. I've been looking into RV sites on military installations, I pretty much know I'm eligible, as a 100% Service Connected disabled Vet. Yet I can't seem to find current info on the status of things with this crazy patchwork of restrictions, and I don't know much about it to begin with. So I was hoping I could glean some info from some of you who've been here longer... Thanks, God Bless, Garry
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