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  1. Hi everyone, we are new to this forum. We are deciding to upgrade from our Bighorn 43' fifth wheel to either a 43' Allegro Bus or a 40' Phaeton. Of course their is a price difference, but is it worth it. I was wondering if anyone has experience between the two. The Allegro bus has a 450 while the Phaeton has a 380. I did learn that the Allegro gets 8 MPH which is comparable to the Phaeton. We plan to RV winters for the next 10 years. We want to buy a used coach between 5-10 years older, we are looking at miles and condition as a guide. TooTall feels that 43' is to long and would be difficult to get in to RV spaces. Yet we are not with out experience, getting a 43' fifth wheel in to tight spaces is no easy trick. That said, we want to pull our jeep and have some fun before we become too old to enjoy it. So my question is: 1. Does anyone have trouble finding RV spaces and navigating into them with 43" bus? 2. We really love the 43' bus because it has a bath and 1/2 which is awesome with 5 granddaughters when they are with us. But we have concerns with it's size. Are there any regrets for purchasing one this size? Yes the Bus is a little more money but we are buying a used one which has already greatly depreciated so I feel that it is a fair value. Oh the Phaeton is a 2014 and the Allegro Bus is a 2011 both have around the same miles (50k). I would value your opinions
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