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  1. Some have talked about adding an outside extension but the predominate practice is use your water and refill as necessary. Some worry about water pressure being too high. Some worry about springing a leak when they are away from the T. Some don't even connect water or sewer just electric and in the KL you don't even have to do that. For cable there is a flat cable cord AFAIK.
  2. Still don't know if cross wind works as I haven't been in one. You need to install aps for the awning and Volta. When you pick up your new rig if you ordered it with a mat, make sure the correct mat is there. I had one for a GL. Safe travels!
  3. Ok, I got my 2022 Travato KL in. The blind spot alert works as I can see the warning on the mirrors. I don't what to expect if cross wind support is working. The Pioneer radio came without any manual so making everything work and setting up (like my clock) remains a mystery. One very worrisome thing is with the iDatalink Maestro piece of paper was a battery the size of a quarter - I sure don't want to tear apart the dash to replace a battery. It would also be helpful if Winnebagp gave out a list of links for the apps that have to be installed for thing like the awning, the air conditioner etc.
  4. Keep us posted please. Turns out my 2022 Winnie Travato will be on a 2021 ProMaster chassis.😐
  5. Well, that sucks. I don't have high expectations that the 2022 will function as advertised either. They have a couple of months to solve the problem for me.
  6. I have watched other forums and have not found any others with this problem although I am sure there are. I have a 2022KL on order. They are changing many things in that model and that is worrisome whether they will get it right. From experience I know there will be little things to fix (although there shouldn't be) but your problem was major. I hope you don't have to drive to far to get it working. Thanks for the update. Keith
  7. So what happened? Inquiring minds are dying to know the outcome!
  8. The TOWB group on facebook has a buyers guide for Travato's. Travatos sell substantially below advertised prices.
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