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  1. Hello everyone. My wife and I have been on the road full time since June of 2019. It's been quite and experience. Many disappointments because of the virus and many bright spots. New friends and great nature views. The time has come to renew prescriptions. I have the VA and Medicare but my wife is 10 years younger. She only has major medical with a high deductible. Her prescription required seeing a doctor. Because we do not have a "permanent" residential address in the states we are traveling through it became apparent that she would probably have to fly back to Minnesota (from Seattle Wa.) for a few days to see her old doctor to get refills. (There's $700 with air, car rental etc!) Researching online I discovered PlushCare. $99 consultation fee. We are not affiliated with them by any means but this worked out GREAT! She called and gave the person on the phone her information and the meds she was looking for. They needed to know which state we were in for a doctor referral in that state. They then scheduled a phone/computer online interview for about 4 hours later. 4 hours 10 minutes later the doctor called. She gave him a brief explanation what was going on (full time RV's on the road and refill of depression meds that she's taken for 30 years) and in less than 5 minutes he OK'd the refill. They normally will refill for 30 days at a time requiring another call but because we are travelling he allowed refills for 150 days! I cannot say enough about how well and professional this was taken care of. They notified Walmart near us for the refill. There was a miscommunication on the document from the doctor so my wife emailed PlushCare again, they responded and it was resolved the next day!! PlushCare is nation wide and worked out spectacular for us living on the road full time. Safe travels my friends!!
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