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  1. Theres even a couple who live full-time in the scamp and have this setup, and with all their custom woodwork their scamp is a lot heavier than the one we plan to tow.
  2. We are going to be using our in laws 13' scamp to camp with our toddler who is very adventurous and also special needs so he doesn't really understand danger etc. I am worried about him figuring out how to unlock the door and escaping, has anyone child locked the door to ensure everyones safe at night? I am trying to figure out what to do before we go on our first camping trip next week.
  3. Im surprised since the scamp only is 1200 dry and the Subaru can tow 2400 lbs. Seems like a lot of people tow scamps with them from the research ive done online. A ton of people have them out here in idaho.
  4. The camper has already been purchased by my in laws, its technically not ours. The 16' scamp they have does have a toilet, the 13' we would be using does not. We plan to keep our Subaru for awhile.
  5. What do you mean? What are they attached to?
  6. I found some people on youtube who full time 13' scamp and tow with a Subaru Forester, it seems like its actually pretty common. My in laws towed it on their Subaru with a lower tow capacity without issues. I believe my car has 4 wheel antilock breaks as well if that makes a difference. We plan to take it on highway for the first trip to see how it goes.
  7. It is technically illegal to cross all state lines with it, so don't get caught lol
  8. I forgot to mention, the trailer has a toilet no shower, little fridge and 3 burner stove, sink, bunks in front, it has a heater or an ac next to the sink im not sure which one? Our model of Subaru is either the Premium or the Limited sport model, I am trying to remember..
  9. Hey! Sorry for the late response, I honestly couldn't remember the name of this website to get back on and check. So, the scamp is an older model, I am not sure exactly what year because it is my in laws. My father in law had to get a new VIN from scamp and they told him the dry weight is 1200, so I'm thinking loaded up with our gear and water etc shouldn't be more than 2000, and my Subaru is rated to pull 2400. The camper is my in laws and possibly will be ours in the future but we don't have the means to buy a new vehicle right now. We don't plan to go on any super crazy mountain roads
  10. We have a 2010 Subaru Forester which says the tow capacity is 2400, would we be able to tow a 13' scamp? The standard model with the bunk beds in the front.
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