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  1. I've been reading up on the fresh water tank and talking to other RVers and some advise not to drink the water in their tanks and others say it's OK. What's the general consensus here? For those that don't, what do you do for drinking water, especially in a boondocking situation? Thanks.
  2. So you're sayin' I need to put a winch on my truck?🙂
  3. I have a Jeep Wrangler now so I understand how 4WD works. It seems like it would be useful in the few instances I would get my self in trouble down a sandy, gravel road.
  4. We plan on doing quite a bit of boondocking. For those well versed in that task, should I be looking at 4WD trucks or will 2WD suffice?
  5. Good tip. At the risk of opening Pandora's box, what are the opinions of gas vs. diesel? Is the extra cost of a diesel worth it?
  6. What is this boot camp you speak of? Is that the RVers Online University I see on the right side?
  7. Well, we've jumped right in and bought ourselves a 29 ft travel trailer. We've been talking about doing this for quite a while and, with this pandemic and all that goes with it, this seems like a good time to take the plunge. Having never owned one before, we need to figure we need to figure out what we're doing before we take it out on the road. Our goal is to cruise around the US for a few months so I think the learning curve will be a bit steep. That's where you fine people come in. i have been perusing this site and have already learned quite a bit. Be prepared to be bombarded with newbie questions! I guess the first order of business will be to buy a truck to pull this thing. Anyone have a 3/4 ton truck for sale? :)
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