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  1. I’m definitely skipping the rooftop ac. I’m gonna hold off to next summer on the portable as well. I saw some good ideas on YouTube for portables, but I can wait since summer is almost over. I think the first trip will be up to the white mountains.
  2. I was wondering that too, plus I think they’d have to cut a hole and probably add support of some kind. I think I’m going with portable or just going to cooler places in the summer
  3. I’m probably going with a good quality portable unit, but since summer is almost over, I’m gonna wait until next summer to go anywhere hot. That will give me a year to decide on an AC. It’s super hot here , but a 2 hr drive gets me up to the mountains where it’s only 85-90. So that’s also something I’m considering
  4. Thank you, I’ll look into that, most of what we like is desert exploration, so that could be nice.
  5. Ya, no bathroom on this trailer but I got a little tent and a cassette toilet and hand pump shower to put outside the trailer. It doesn’t have a vent in the roof, does that mean the roof Ac is not possible?
  6. I’m with you on that, I’m a jeeper ( I switched teams and drive a 4Runner now tho, lol) and I’m used to stopping on a trail and sleeping on a blue tarp, maybe a sleeping bag if it was cold, so this will feel like a 5 star resort to me. This one has a fridge, but it doesn’t look very useful, I’ll probably try it out and bring a large cooler as a back up tho.
  7. I love camping and 4wheeling so it will be used for that type of stuff, I’m used to just sleeping on a tarp whenever I feel like calling it a day wherever I happen to be, so this will be luxurious for me, but my wife isn’t big on camping but with the whole pandemic thing, we figured this would be a safe way to travel instead of staying in a hotel. So I’m trying to make it as comfortable as possible for her. I’m hoping she’ll get more used to it and do some middle of nowhere stuff with me tho. But ya, we’ll mostly use hook up sites when the whole family goes. If I go alone or with friends, I’ll mostly do boondocking it has a fridge that runs on electricity or propane, a two burner stove, a furnace, and a sink with a hand pump. Simplicity is what I was looking for, my wife picked a large one with slide outs and bathroom and all the other stuff, but I convinced her to go simple. But the trade off is she’s insisting on AC lol
  8. I’ll look into this, sounds like a cheap option. I’ve heard the rooftop ac works well in pop ups, but they want $1500, that’s why I’m looking at portable. It was 114f here today tho lol
  9. Thank you, I’ll definitely check the dates and have the tech look as well when I get the inspection done, is there anything else that you recommend I look over?
  10. Thank you, I’ll check them tonight , the tires appeared to be new tho. I’m gonna try to take it in this week for inspection and service. Assuming everything checks out, I’m hoping to get out next weekend, is there a portable ac you’d recommend?
  11. Thanks, i decided on a 1996 Fleetwood Taos. The best I could tell it’s in very good condition for the age. I went with this one because I wanted something simple with less to maintain or repair. It just has a sink, fridge, stove and furnace with two electrical outlets on the inside, two outside and lighting. It was over priced , 3800 but because of Covid, pop ups seem to be a commodity here in Phoenix right now. They’re all selling within an hr of being listed It towed fine and is well below my vehicles tow capacity. I’m going to take it in for safety inspection before I go out, I would also like some type of AC since it’s so hot here. Would a portable unit be ok for this?
  12. Thanks! The Flagstaff is 8995 and the Jayco is 6995, it is a dealership. I haven’t had a chance to go see the Jayco yet, but supposedly it’s in amazing condition
  13. Hi, I’m new here and have never owned any type of RV. Right now I’m in the process of getting a pop up and I’ve narrowed my choices down to either a 2021 flagstaff 176ltd or 1998 Jayco eagle 12udst.. The Jayco is in great shape and is about 2k cheaper and has the benefit of being much larger, the benefit of the flagstaff is it’s 800lbs lighter and is brand new. The new one is at the very top of my budget as well. My TV is a 2003 v8 4Runner twd with a tow capacity of 5000lbs. I’ve also had very little experience towing anything other than a Uhaul a couple times. So anything thing you guys can offer in the way of advice, suggestions, etc... is appreciated
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