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  1. Yes indeed. Ordered a Jackalopee and a DirecLink DL-100 brake controller with HDT module kit. This should get me started but the list is very long.
  2. Thanks to everyone for taking time for this question even though the answer was always painfully obvious... $$$. I was just hoping there was someone out there that had done this and had great results. I will hitch my fiver to my Ford to check the pressure on the air bag and see what happens. And don't worry I knew what I was getting myself into... I will try and list my campground soon. Thanks.
  3. Hello Nigel! You are correct that we met at my campground in Spragge. I think I was telling you about the nice copper color 730 that I found. Well I bought it even though it will clash with my fiver. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1R3LSKD_sQzEuldhpWj4icYEC6p4P0Ui3/view?usp=sharing
  4. I have a 2012 redwood Fifth Wheel 38GK with a factory installed Lippert Tri Glide Air Ride Pin Box by Trailair . This Pin has rollers that I believe are to absorb shock when braking. Can anyone clarify the purpose of these rollers? I just purchased a 2012 Volvo 730 that I am contemplating singling but that is an issue for later. I know this has probably been debated before and I have searched for answers but I am still unclear on what I should do. I have read that I shouldn't have both an air ride hitch and an air ride pin as they can end up working against each other. I really don't want to spend the big dollars on an air ride hitch if I don't have to. If I really need one, do I need to also replace the air pin to a solid pin. I am very much wanting to install my Demco Recon hitch (or similar) on the truck and letting the air pin absorb the shock. Has anyone done this and is this a good idea or not? I realize that an air hitch is a better choice but I want to know if just the air pin will work and I also know that I can't use the Volvo's current hitch.
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