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  1. Yes the generator is a propane generator. When the AC shut off at 11pm, we turned the generator on and the propane was at about 25% when we woke up. SO the AC ran off the house battery for a few hours.
  2. Yea, he's very helpful. Will make a note!
  3. Thank you! Would there be any downsides to carrying a couple of 20lb propane tanks to extend my usage? I was thinking about storing them in my cargo trailer when I pull it and also getting one of those hitch mount propane tank carriers. I see that Camco makes a brass tee to tie into the rv's tank and hook up to an outside tank. Any drawbacks here?
  4. Thank you for letting me join the forum. We just bought a 2021 Coachmen Galleria and I must say that after taking a trip in it, the "walkthrough" from the dealer leaves a lot to be desired. I actually emailed the corporate office with a list of questions and didn't get a lot of help either. I asked if there was a person I could talk to that could give me some answers..nothing I am a ROOKIE, I admit it! Need help. 1) We parked for the night on the beach, running the a/c at about 9pm. The house battery was just over 12volts. Within 3 hours, the a/c just shut off. So, I turned the generator on so I could run the a/c. I noticed there's a switch in the upper right cabinet "use house battery". Is there a limit to the voltage it will drop to? Am I missing a step here? 2) After sleeping for the night, the propane tank was at 25%. Is this normal? Any tips or trick? I assume I would need a tank a day to boondock based on this. a) If I use one tank a night, could I pull a trailer to carry extra tanks to fill the main tank? 3) Being on the beach, the tv reception was bad. Is there a good satellite company for these situations? Or is a streaming device (fire stick) a good option? I have a ton of questions and am open to adding to this system to make it last longer while traveling. We are wanting it more for road trips and less for staying in parks. Thank you for anyone that responds.
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