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  1. Thanks for all the input everyone. We put a deposit down on a east to west della terra 28krd. It was pretty much to only 2020 left in my area. Love the trailer it's a little bigger than I wanted my wife loves it. Got a pretty good deal with it being a left over 2020. Thanks again!
  2. Definitely alot of truth behind that dont go to a ram, ford, Chevy forum asking about quality they seem to be biased. As I do my research I do find alot of happy people with gulf trailers but alot of people not happy with the motor coaches.
  3. What do yall think about gulfstream as a manufacture?
  4. Hey everyone thanks for the feed back we still havent decided on a trailer yet there is so many to choose from and so many check alot of the boxes but none check all yet.
  5. No problem I think a sawzall will definitely be going with me. Also little more information the trailer will be used mostly for weekends but I could see using it for week long trips maybe twice a year. It will be in a non covered storage lot about 2 miles from my house I got 2 kids so tank sizes seem to be a plus but we also need to learn how to be less wasteful with our water in the first place.
  6. Thanks for the input so far keep it coming! As far as the trees go I'm not real sure how bad the trees would be I just didnt know how much the two types of sidings handle it I didnt know if it would be real easy to pop the aluminumn or if the fiberglass would scratch super easy ot if the handeled it ok I don't want to damage a brand new trailer but sometime you may get yourself in a sticky situation no pun intended. I know other properties around him has people with campers up there. Washing kids in the shower wouldnt be a big deal they both listen well enough to get the job done. My 5 year old is a climber for sure and we do plan on boondocking for mostly justweekends but theres potential for longer.
  7. I'm sorry about the text fixed it.
  8. Sorry for the black. It was copy and paste. I'm not sure why it had the black I will retype. First time buyer here my wife and I have 2 kids (5 and 2) opnions wanted. We are looking at bunk house trailer 2 we have in mind are the grand design transcend xplore 265bh https://www.granddesignrv.com/showroom/2021/travel-trailer/transcend-xplor/floorplans/265bh The other being keystone passport 267bh https://www.keystonerv.com/travel-trailers/passport/floorplans/267bh-sl-series-travel-trailer/ One one the biggest opnions I wanted was on siding I like the look of the fiberglass much better. My brother owns some land out in the middle of now where and going out there boondocking it would be on our list. The road has about 3 good miles up the mountain and 2 ruff ones with pot holes and trees over hanging. I havent made it out there my self yet its 4 hours 1 way from my place. I'm a little worried about trees and what would hold up better with I did get tangled up in them. It would only be like a monthly trip. And on top of that I still would like to hear everyone's likes and opnions. Again very sorry for the black text.
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