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  1. Thanks. Was trying to think of something to slide it out on. I'll see if I have a table the right height. Randy
  2. Thanks, Ken. Will do Randy
  3. Thanks for the replies! I ordered a new, not remanufactured, unit from RV Cooling Unit Warehouse. Now comes the fun part. Need to trick that strong friend to show up to my house. Randy
  4. Thanks. I was just looking at RV Cooling Unit Warehouse that claims to sell the Amish units. Is this the same place you're talking about and if not do you have contact info? Randy
  5. Nothing cools, fridge nor freezer
  6. Hi, Last trip out our fridge stopped cooling. I've checked other users queries and this is what I know. Dometic RM 2652 in 2006 trailer. I assume it's original. The thermistor read about 2k ohms in 90 degree weather but went up to near 9K ohm in ice water. In gas mode the flame lights and stays on. In electric mode the element pulls 2.78 amps which matches the 44 ohm element. It switches between modes properly. The chimney gets hot and the lower pipe into the cooling unit gets warm, I can keep my hand on it. Feels like near ambient temp on the upper pipes out of the cooling unit. I've never smelled ammonia inside and don't see any green residue outside with the unit still in place. The lights on the front panel all work as well as the interior lamp. I've downloaded the service manual as suggested. I've also removed all power from the board to do a hard reset. The two fuses on the control board are good. The vent seems to be clear. Now what? Is the purpose of the control board to turn on the heater as needed? If so I guess it's working. Could I have a leak up high on the coils that I can't see yet? Any way to test ammonia level? Thanks, Randy
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