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  1. Me and my wife are new to Living in an RV full time. What are somethings you wish you had known before it happened and what are some tips and tricks you learned while being in an RV
  2. We looked into the weight and that won’t be an issue since the rv will sit in one place year round ontill I have a truck big enough to pull it. The rv also had some stuff removed from it like the couch dinette.
  3. Good afternoon I have recently purchased a 2007 Keystone Cougar 289BHS. I am new to the world of RVs. With this in mind me and my wife are going to be living in the Rv full time. We do not plan on moving the rv for awhile since we have nothing big enough to pull it with. The RV is a 50 amp with a single ac at the moment I am planning on adding a second to help cool the rv. We are needing extra fridge and freezer space which we are planning on running a 4.5 cubic ft in the area where the bunk beds are and 5.3 cubic ft deep freezer that will sit out side. We also want to use a portable washer. The only other electronics that will be used is normal stuff that would be used for entertainment. With all of this information for what I am drawing for power. Will I need to do anything special to prevent electrical damage to anything in the rv? Also what are some tips that I should look for or do while living in the rv? Thank you anything is appreciated.
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