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  1. Trying to validate that I am an escapee member.
  2. We are escapee members and have been for many years. We sold our 40’ toyhauler and pickup to pull it and we bought a 27’ Thor Vegas 2018 with 5k miles from Sky River RV Paso Robles CA. It is back where we bought it. Needs the awning fixed the grommets under the hood where it bounces around. One of the compartments was not even sealed and the roof looks like it has bubbling and the passenger window needs weather stripping. I am thinking that the people that put it their on consignment were not truthful in telling them there were no problems. Once on a ladder I could where it had markings like they had hit something just slightly. We have not had the RV for 10 days yet and yes we bought the extended warranty. When we dropped it off yesterday thinking it would be ready today but NO. the service girl said oh you bought the warranty right we couldn’t get to it as we have 3 service guys out sick so maybe next week. I am thinking they are going to try and hit the warranty people that has our contract to cover the costs of these repairs. I am thinking there is no lemon law on RV’s in CA and once they make this first claim the warranty could cancel us. Crazy RV world we live in. Oh and my husband thinks it may need new shocks.
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