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  1. Mostly if you're talking about what she leaves in the fridge... yeh definitely. 🤣 It's certainly seeming busy out here though. What's caught us off guard about Florida has been places charging 1500+ and requiring 3-4 month stays so far. I really wasn't prepared for that to be the expectation. Especially with as pleasant as our last few months have been. We originally planned to be in the west, but the smoke has been awful. Even in southern New Mexico we were getting days with low visibility. In Colorado and Arizona it was unbearable.
  2. Where are you at? We're actually in Cedar Park currently. Still own a house here and we were clearing things out. I love Texas, but it's not where I care to spend the winter since I've lived here for 10+ years. Hoping to get out and about and maybe get to a beach.
  3. We've been traveling the south for the last 3 months and have repeatedly seen entirely full parks. We've seen people planting for the winter as early as Sept for 6+ month stays that say that's not their norm but they're worried about being blocked out or unable to travel across state lines etc etc. Texas particularly has been full of people that are worried about being 'settled before the election... just in case' which has been interesting.
  4. We are actually looking to plant for 3 months, and less out of fear and more so out of the fact my daughter is with me. She needs to put her butt to work for a bit... so a larger town is on the lines. She'll also likely be taking some online classes in the spring semester.
  5. Docj -- I suppose the 'closer' to Florida was more so that we weren't opposed to not being entirely all the way down in Florida. Though the more we look the more we're wanting to get down closer to Ft. Lauderdale (or at least closer towards the southern side of the state). So far Ft. Myers is looking appealing. The keys would be, but phew too much!
  6. Thanks! Your profile has sparked a curiosity now. Does what pinbox actually have a major difference in the ride or what's the outcome of that? Something I haven't researched that I'll now have to look into!
  7. We got a late start this year in getting into our RV and settled and trying to figure out where we're going. We're trying to settle up winter plans. We're currently in Texas and headed a bit closer to Florida... Trying to figure out where to go and how to ensure we have a place through the winter that isn't too cold. Lay your best winter full time tips and tricks and thoughts on us!
  8. Little late on our posting, three months in joining the Class of Covid eh! Loving every minute of it.
  9. Little late getting back to everyone here, but I appreciate the information. In the end we went with a 42' rig (46' over bed) and a F350 Dually long bed. Been on the road now for 3 months in the south. It's been amazing! We decided to save new england area for next spring. Finally getting used to driving around the rig and taking some smaller roads as we have gone along. Having driven through Boston in a normal car... I will admit there's a level of stress in that thought hah!
  10. So, I've just about settled on the monster 42' (41' 9 inches...) Fifthwheel. I've researched everything! (yeh right... I've been at this for three years and I still have no clue what I'm doing!) Now comes the fun part, I'm planning to drive from Texas to the East coast (NC? Virginia? Who knows!), and see how long it takes me to get there and maybe get a little bit of New England in before it gets cold and I have to try and high tail it down south to figure out where to stay warm... How hard of a time am I going to have finding spots to park a monster like this along the way? Is it realistic to think I can get on the road right after I get her all prepped and geared up and find somewhere to be out there?
  11. Thanks for letting me piggyback on reading too harrysteven! I'm in the process of finalizing my fifthwheel purchase and this is on my list of.. 'oh god what did I get myself into?' haha
  12. Just about to join the club... finally settling on a rig after years of considering it... Amazingly enough I'm having more trouble nailing down a truck since I decided to go fifth wheel. I always planned to go with a Class A, but I think I'm going to give this a go for the comfort. Decided to keep working with the way the world has changed, and so this gives me the space I need to do it (and then some... and then some!) Just not looking forward to finding spots for a thing this big. Little bit nervous about that decision!
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