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  1. Hey all.

    I bought Breville's The Big Squeeze and enjoyed it the first few days. Now... I understand it's going to be a pain in the ass.

    The feed chute is just the largest inconvenience. There is food getting stuck underneath the auger, and so much left over produce that isn't juiced.

    The Big Squeeze is fast. And it produces good juice, but damn. It's just a pain in the ass.

    What are some other juicers you'd recommend? I paid $400 for the Big Squeeze, and plan on returning it for a different juicer. Preferably a cold presser.





    check website

  2. Hi I live I Noblesville, IN and the water here is extremely hard (Talking 400 ppm 18 GH/KH). I am currently using a Culligan water softner that is <10 years old and it only seems to give that soft slick feeling for a day or 2 after it regens.

    I'm thinking I need to either decrease the time it regens or the salt dosage. I have changed the salt dosage from 10 - 25 but I don't know if that will be enough, way to much, or if I should change the regen. I couldn't see to find a setting to change the regen frequency just the tod and tor. This is my unit I think and I can't see find the directions to change the frequency.



  3. We are considering replacing our current electric storage water with a propane tankless water heater. The electric water heater cannot even supply enough hot water to fill our bathtub effectively.

    We have been told that the tankless technology delivers as much hot water as you need. Does anyone out there have experience with replacing an electric hot water heater with a tankless heater? What kind of cost savings have you actually seen? Also, any feedback about brands (Bosch, Rinnai, ???) and local contractors who specialize in these products would be appreciated.




  4. I can't figure out what the hell I'm doing...for years whenever i visit the carribian, most, not all, of the snapper and grouper i catch and cook turns into a rubbery shoe sole. Tried baking, grilling, and pan frying; tried filleting and whole; Tried thick cuts, thin cuts; Tried under cooking, tried overcooking; tried baking covered in foil to keep moisture in, and baking without foil.

    In all of the above options, 80% of the time the meat comes out like rubber. On the bigger fish (~20" mangrove), the skin is unedible. WTF gives?! Online search says I'm overcooking, but i tried undercooking, with insides clearly raw, and got same results.

    I never have this problem with cold water fish (bass, tog, sheepies, fluke, grey trigger, blues, even friggin stargazers etc).

    desperate for help...tierd of turning prized fish into fish salad. thanks

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