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  1. Yes 3-4 days if two people use it constantly, but depends on how much its being used.. I am sure in the setup i have it wont see much action at all, we can most likely go 10 days or more before it needs to be emptyed...Meaning RidX should have plenty of time to start working... 😊
  2. Napisan is a detergent, it wont kill the bacteria. But works similar to Bio Pods it dissolve the feces, but bacteria will build up and cause odor with time....Then you will need a stronger chemical to kill the bacteria, like bleach or tank cleaner.. RidX on the other will use good bacteria to kill the bad bacteria, so there is no build up at all... 😊 I doubt my Filippino manufactor have SOG, but will ask...
  3. Okay...Yes sounds like a smart idea... 😊
  4. Okay, in the setup i have we wont use the toilet regular, we might be able to go 10 days or more before we need to empty the waste tank... I guess thats plenty of time for Rid-X to start working (even if we use the one for septic tank), we just need to deodorize it? 😊 Maybe Dish Soap in the flush tank?
  5. Okay, thats interesting... 😊 We dont have blue, green or pink in the Philippines else i would use it... We have Ridx for septic tanks, Bio Pods, bleach, dishwashing soap and fabric conditioner similar... I consider this: Blue/Green replaced by Bio Pods, they all hide odor and break down feces..But dont kill bacteria... Pink replaced by Fabric Conditioner, both deliver a nice scent... Tank Cleaner replaced by Bleach, both seem to kill bacteria which prevent build up of bacteria...
  6. Okay, yes its the idea bleach will kill bacteria so there is no build up of bacteria, similar to what a tank cleaner does...Seem like using Bio pods there will be build up else, if you dont disinfect..
  7. Okay...Interesting... 😊 There is not a faster working alternative, one that also hide odor or deodorize? What about Bio Pods, maybe in corporation with bleach... Put Bio Pods in waste tank to hide odor and break down feces, let it soak 5-10 min. In Bleach when cleaning to kill bacteria? Or maybe Rid-X with a Bio Pod and no bleach?
  8. They dont sell any Pink in the Philippines, the Fabric softner was meant to replace this... But i guess Dishwashing soap could work as well, in the flush tank? 😊
  9. I read online that Ridx works after 3-4 hours so it should have some effect, it also got citrus smell.... Seems like a much better choice then using bleach... 😊
  10. Okay, yes i seen the Russos, but they only use their toilet for number 1?
  11. Okay...Thanks Kirk W... 😊 They dont seem to sell blue, green or pink products in the Philippines... The only RidX is for septic tank, the ones who sell cassette toilet advice to use bleach and dishwashing soap...
  12. Cassette or cartridge toilet like above lasts only around 2-3 days before they need to be empty, if they see action... But i read online its to short for using Rid-X effective? Thats why i suggested bleach above, since it works very fast and kill bacteria (odor). Since it dont touch the rubber seal in the toilet, it should be fine?
  13. No...There is no vent... You can take the cartridge out, not the toilet?
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