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  1. Yay! We just purchased our first RV....a 2020 Winnebago Micro Mini 2108DS. We decided to tow with our 3/4 ton diesel pu instead of the Highlander. It was always available but it's my husband's work truck for his masonry restoration business and I didn't want to have to ride in all the nastiness but, we've compromised and he will have it detailed and put new seat covers on.
  2. We are new to the RV world and we've been doing quite a bit of research as to what type of RV is best for us and weight, quality build, dual axle vs. single, etc, etc. And we aren't sure we know much more now than when we started our research. Our towing vehicle will be a 2016 Toyota Highlander V6. We know that the tow capacity is 5000 lbs. Would any of you happen to know off-hand a good recommendation for a quality built trailer preferably with murphy bed, dry bath, tandem axle that our Highlander will pull?
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