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  1. Trimster- What ended up being the full story on the truck?
  2. Seems like quite the discount. They're listing it on their website for $39,977. You must be quite the negotiator. Any idea why they're willing to let it go for so cheap?
  3. Thank you all for your input. It looks like I may have to reconsider seating arrangements in the sleeping quarters. If it's not too much of an inconvenience to someone with a 730 or 780 accessible, would it be possible to get the following measurements? Length across the bottom bed (so I can determine how wide of a bench seat or jackknife sofa I could squeeze in) Width of bed Headroom height (measured from bench without cushions to the bottom of the top bunk). Also, anyone know how much this measurement varies from the 730 compared to the 780? I'm trying to determine if a four wide bench seat arrangement or 2x2 arrangement would be better. The attached picture may help detail the dimensions. Thanks so much!
  4. So many thoughtful replies, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to chime in. I appreciate it! It sounds like utilizing a HDT as a tow vehicle and daily driver may not be as much as an inconvenience as I had originally thought. 2gypsies- To answer your question, our four kids are 6-10 years old. If we decide to do this it'd likely be full-time so I think they'd get sick of tents. ;-) This is why we'd likely end up with a larger 5th Wheel. Sandsys- We've considered having my wife drive a second vehicle with the kids and it's still an option although if possible it'd be nice to have our family together while traveling. Although a quiet vehicle without fighting children does sound enticing. Another follow-on question. The Volvo 780 layout with the workstation looks appealing assuming we could install proper seat belts across the two benches. Is there enough room on either bench to safely put two or three kids?
  5. Thank you both for taking the time to write such a detailed reply, I really appreciate it. This is exactly the type of feedback I was hoping to receive. If anyone else would like to chime in with their experiences, especially if it's something else not discussed above, I'd be grateful.
  6. In an RV setting? Likely aluminum and various plastics (polycarbonate, ABS, delrin, etc.). Maybe brass, bronze, cast iron. Also, keep in mind all steels are not created equal- standard mild steels such as A36 would be no problem with a Carbon Steel tap although the tap will get dull quicker but I doubt you'd have much luck tapping other harder steels (ie truck frame rails) with the same tap. HSS taps are better suited for these applications. For even harder steels (above ~40 Rc), carbide taps are generally best but they're much more brittle (and expensive) so using them as a hand tool as opposed to using them in a machine tool can be risky.
  7. Make sure you get HSS (High Speed Steel) taps/dies if you plan to use them with steel, especially harder alloys. I would not recommend Carbon Steel taps, they will not hold up as well. Many of the automotive tap/die sets I've come across are Carbon. Also, McMaster Carr (recommended above) sells good quality taps which will likely be much cheaper than SnapOn. From a value perspective, you'll probably get better pricing from McMaster Carr or other machine tool type shops than you would automotive shops.
  8. Hi, I'm looking for opinions from HDT owners regarding limitations they face utilizing HDT's as tow vehicles? Increased difficulties finding a campsite or campground due to length? How often do you have to park your HDT offsite in overflow? Limitations driving over bridges or through city streets due to weight? Limitations getting into State and National Parks? Difficulties navigating city streets or campgrounds with a 13' tall HDT (low bridges, narrow streets, low hanging trees etc.)? Assuming you pull a rather long trailer, do you avoid states with conservative maximum length towing laws? While researching, I was shocked to find 15 states that prohibit vehicles with a combined length greater than 65' (source: https://www.nexttruckonline.com/). I'm assuming the majority of HDT's with a 40' 5th Wheel would exceed 65' in length. How practical is it to use your HDT as an everyday driver (sightseeing, grocery getting, etc.)? Any additional limitations I'm not considering? Due to our family size (6 currently), we'll likely settle on a 36+ foot 5th wheel so I'm considering a HDT as our Tow Vehicle. Any input you can provide regarding limitations of using a HDT as a tow vehicle and a daily driver are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Thank you all for your input. 2gypsies- Thanks for the PPL website recommendation, I'm still in the research/gathering information phase but I've been checking their website occasionally to get a sense on options and pricing. We're currently living overseas so unfortunately we're limited to internet research for the time being which has its obvious limitations. I'm looking forward to being able to tour the different 5th Wheel and Toy Hauler options at some point so we can get a better sense of what would meet our needs best but for the time being, we'll continue to gather information online.
  10. OK, I'll have to add Toy Haulers to the list. Any particular make/models I should look into?
  11. Thanks Linda. My assumption is that Toy Haulers, generally speaking they aren't insulated as well or designed for full time living. Is this correct? Also, I've been researching some of the recommended models listed above and it seems like bunkhouses are not available. Can anyone tell me if any of these higher end, older models came in bunkhouse layouts?
  12. Thank you both for your replies. I'll add your recommendations to my research list. TXiceman- You are correct, tow vehicle recommendations are next on my list of questions. Based on the research I've done so far, we'll likely fall into the MDT or HDT category unless we settle on a smaller, lightweight trailer. To complicate things a bit further, we also need something that can seat six people. I'll be starting a tow vehicle recommendations thread next but if you have any input, I'd love to hear. Thank you both for your contributions!
  13. Hi, Our family- myself, my wife and our four daughters under 10, is considering roadschooling and I'm looking for recommendations for 5th wheels. What would you recommend in the $15,000 to $20,000 range? I realize this isn't a huge budget but I was hoping to come across something 5-7 years old or perhaps an older, higher end brand (Hitchhiker, Teton, etc) that is not longer in production. I'm fairly handy and can fix minor/moderate issues but would rather not buy a project. Also, I'm assuming a bunkhouse layout would be best for our family but am open to other suggestions. If you have a specific brand or model that you'd recommend, please let me know. Thanks so much!
  14. Hi Kirk- Yes, we have considered RV traveling as part of making the decision about the house, potentially moving elsewhere, etc. All options are are on the table at this point. This is another reason to keep it and rent it out for the time being, until we have a better sense of our plan. Before moving to Africa, we had previously considered moving to both TX and FL so perhaps one of these two states would be a logical place to land when returning to the US. We have friends in both which would certainly help the transition. We are currently on a Christian Health Sharing plan so moving wouldn't have a significant impact from a medical insurance perspective. Also, we are still considered residents of CA since it was our last place of residence since leaving the US. Thank you all for your wonderful input and questions. You've been a tremendous help!
  15. Twotoes- Thanks for your valuable input. It's nice to know things have worked out with your domicile in SD while maintaining your properties in CA. Linda- Sounds like such a great adventure!! I like the idea of giving your daughter the ability help decide where you traveled. Hopefully she has fond memories as she looks back on her childhood travels.
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