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  1. Hi, my husband and I are seriously considering selling our home and becoming full-time RVers with our 2 children (1&3). We obviously can come up with all the wonderful pros but really would love to hear from people who have real experience with it and the possible cons and what it is truly like. We are already pretty low maintenance people who aren’t really worried about the downsizing and change of pace but what we would love to hear about are the financial realities. We aren’t rich but we would have the means for what we would estimate a years living with a comfortable savings. Currently, we don’t have positions that’s would allow us to work remote but we would like to have some income coming in, with the possibility for it to grow to something comparable to what we make now. Is that something that is realistic? How hard is it to make money while being on the road? If any of y’all traveled full time and then after a year or longer decided to go back to living somewhere full time, did you find it difficult to find jobs with what some would consider a “gap” in your resume? Would love to hear any other possible realities that my wander lust mind may be overlooking. Thanks!
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