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  1. Kirk thank you! Yes it’s a Workhorse engine, V-10. When checking the battery reading from the coach even the battery we replaced was showing between 12.9-13.5 from yesterday afternoon to evening. The new battery was installed this morning before my husband went to work so I haven’t checked the reading on that one yet. The plan is to clean to the connections this morning as you mentioned. Thank you again I will keep you posted. There’s quite the learning curve with all this stuff!
  2. Good morning! We picked up our class A on Monday. It was jumped to start as it had been sitting in storage with battery installed since April (thanks to quarantine). Drove it home 15 miles with no issues. We are in upstate NY. Once home, turned it off for 5 minutes. Went to start up again to lower levels and got nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was as of no battery was even installed. Tried battery boost from house and generator. Installed new battery this morning and still nothing. Engaging the key does nothing but show the oil pressure needle drop a little. Like I said it’s as if there is no battery. Starter was replaced last year as were several fuses and breaker switches. Something must be disconnected or faulty. My husband wiggled the cables and could get the dash to light up but still wouldn’t turn over. The red positive cable on the first battery on the left going to the middle battery is the one he moved. This will be our 3rd summer with our 2002 Itasca Suncruiser. Seems we keep patching it up every year lol. If you have some advice to offer I’d really appreciate your help in pointing us in the right direction. Thanks in advance!
  3. Did you ever solve this problem? I’m having the exact same issue with my class A right now. Drove it home from storage 3 days ago. Jumped out to get going. Got it home, turned out off for 5 minutes then nothing when turning the ignition. Tried battery boost and generator boost. Replaced battery this morning, still nothing. Nothing happens when engaging the key or when turning ignition full on. Starter was replaced last year. House battery seems to work fine.
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