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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone, my next time back here will most likely be once I get the hdt. I'm planning on buying the hdt in a few months, and then I'll buy a trailer once the truck is all set up. Happy camping to all!
  2. Mainly personal preference, there's nothing like rowing your own gears down the scenic route. I care as much about the journey as I do about the destination. Definitely one of the nicer trucks, but its in the US, and with the lower Canadian dollar 25k would end up being around 33k along with the hassle of importing it here.
  3. Thanks for the advice on the fenders, never thought of those, added to my list. I was considering using the original hitch but I read that it will destroy the rv frame, so it'll be worth it getting an air ride hitch. I think a couple thousand to get a hitch professionally installed would be reasonable, cause I'd never trust anything I'd install myself to hold a 10,000lb trailer on the highway, so I'm fine with that. I'll likely install some kind of storage compartments later on. That truck is nice, but $42k is still expensive, and I would like a manual transmission which doesn't seem to come in any already built rv haulers. Thanks for suggesting it, never saw an hdt for sale close to me.
  4. I'm planning on buying a medium sized fifth wheel somewhere on the lower end of 30ft+, going to travel to various destinations in Ontario at first, but will slowly explore further. I know an hdt is overkill but the reason I'd like an hdt is for the comfort during travel and due to personal preference, I also don't need a second "car" so might as well get a specialized tow vehicle and it can be cheaper than a decent pickup truck these days. I hit a dead end on that one. Somewhere I read that statefarm and cooperators insures hdt trucks, but I called both and neither insures hdt trucks??? I'll have to do some more digging.
  5. Approximately how much will I need to spend? I'm not planning to change any axles or add a deck.
  6. I've looked at local laws, and pretty much all southern Ontario municipalities prohibit rv parking, but being a bylaw, it is only enforced only by complaint. Many people with larger properties have trailers, boats, and rv's parked on their driveway so it seems that complaints aren't too common. Requirements for owning an HDT rv in Ontario are pretty simple, have an airbrake endorsement and either a full or restricted class A license. There aren't any more restrictions for an hdt than a dually pickup. I'll be hoping the truck I buy won't have any major issues, and I'll try to get an rv fifth wheel professionally installed, the rest like convering into a "motorhome" and changing the electrical connections I can do myself, although it will be a new field for me. Will make sure to consider the fact that I may need new tires. I'm current in truck school, it was actually there that I got the idea to use a hdt for towing an rv. A random conversation with one of the instructors let me to consider an hdt over a pickup truck. I should be fine towing an rv after I finish truck school. Thanks for the advice. I'll be converting my own rig, won't go too crazy, just a different hitch, a "motorhome" conversion, and make an adapter for the electrical, but thanks for mentioning. Alright used it is then, and I've never known that rv inspectors exist. Will definitely have one look at the rv that I will buy. Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone, Lately I've been contemplating on whether or not its worth it to get into rving, I've looked at many options, and generally rving seems to be somewhat reasonable financially. Although I've never stayed in an rv, I've camped a few times in a tent, and I've been to many cottages. I really enjoy going places, so it seems an rv would be perfect to travel both close and far. I'll be moving into a new house with my parents soon and will have space to park an rv so the only thing left will be to decide whether or not to buy and rv and what to buy. I'm planning on spending about 20k on a truck and under 20k on the rv. Now that I've explained what situation I'm in, my plan is to buy a used semi-tractor, get a hitch installed, change the wiring, add a couple extra seats, and "convert" it into a "motorhome". Then buy a used fifth wheel and pull it with the truck. The reason I'd like a used semi tractor is cause its hard to find a reliable pickup truck these days for a reasonable price, and a semi-tractor is much more comfortable to drive in. My main questions regarding buying a truck and rv: 1. Is it a good idea to buy a semi truck and fifth wheel as a first timer? 2. Should I buy new or used for the rv? I've read that used is better in value, but have seen the argument that a used rv can end up being a leaky, broken mess. 3. What would be a good brand/type for a medium sized fifth wheel rv, preferably under 20k CAD? 4. Is modifying an rv necessary, like changing axles, tires, slides, pinboxes, etc? If you want me to clarify anything else feel free to ask, I'm located in Ontario, Canada, thanks.
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