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  1. So I've just came from my tech geek. he suggested to run virus scan first. and i didn have one( i was using windows defender, but technitian said that i need advanced one) so i've googled this web site https://bestantiviruspro.org/best-free-antivirus/ and so far it works ok. he said that this might happen because of wifi which already has protection and when i'm on the car i dont have it.
  2. I normaly use my pc with and whout charger and not always on the flat surfase.
  3. Firstly, it became really slow and my cursor always stuck and not move. then it does some wierd noices and screen gpes black. So I reboot it after this actions it happens once every 2-3 hours. I'm working on my pc so this time flyes to me and sems like a minute lol I usually don't use any external power
  4. Do you mean if I use my laptop on flat surfase it should be fine?
  5. Usually I'm not using Wifi. I mean when I do siple action with editind document offline it's crashed. I'm afraid I can lose my data one day
  6. Hi everyone! Here's a thing. I have about 2 y.o. laptop. I usi it for internet and mictosoft tools. When I use it at home, everything is fine and works smoothly. But when I'm on the road it crashed constantly. Does anyone faced such issue? Any help would be apprishiated.
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