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  1. Thanks for the link to the company in AZ, looks interesting. We will definitely post any progress we make with this idea or any experiences we have, although it won't be for a while as sadly we're not allowed into the States just now!
  2. I think the problem with some of the companies mentioned above is that you have to be there to walk the renters through the RV, whereas we won't be in the country so need someone to do that for us. I appreciate the warnings against renting out, but that's what insurance is for and it's much like Air BNB, which I've been involved in for a while with no problems.
  3. Can anyone recommend a good rental management company in the Arizona/Nevada/Utah area? We are buying an RV next year but live in the UK and would like to rent it out when not using it. Thanks!
  4. The reason we want somewhere to do the prep for us is that we are flying over from the UK each time, so don't want to be spending precious vacation time doing that! We've managed to find a storage place in St George that does it, so think that might be best option (cheaper than Vegas, even with the cost of rental car to get there).
  5. We have seen quite a few advertised with concierge service, but just want to get recommendations from people who have actually used them. What is basically means is that they fill tanks/charge batteries etc ready for you picking up.
  6. Can anyone recommend a good storage facility near Vegas or St George area? Must be secure, not too expensive and if possible we would like a concierge service, so they can prep the RV for when we pick up (inside or covered preferred). Any storage tips welcome too! Thanks
  7. Thanks Lou, good information.
  8. Looks like an interesting place to spend time. We're over on the east coast, in Carnoustie (famous for golf) and near St Andrews.
  9. Thanks for that suggestion Kirk, that's what we're hoping to do. We'd like to store it in the same place I think for first year or so, then start leaving it in different places. Think we'd like to explore more of Southern Utah to begin with, as we love it there. Glad you enjoyed your time in Scotland, hope you make it back here some day!
  10. Good idea about Phoenix, LA I think is too far away from the places we want to visit regularly.
  11. Thanks again for all the helpful replies. Sounds like SD is the way to go!
  12. Great, thanks. We'll probably be looking to store near either Las Vegas or San Francisco as they're the cheapest places to fly to from Scotland (and good starting off points for the areas we love).
  13. When storing an RV between uses, does it have to be stored in the state it is registered in or can it be stored in any state? Thanks!
  14. Thanks for all the helpful replies. Sounds like SD might be best. If we register it there do we have to store it there or can we store it in any state? Sales tax is not a problem as the dealer we're buying from has already said if we buy from him (in NV) and register it in another state then he won't charge us tax.
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