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  1. Ahh! This is what I was wondering about. The air entry is the top cover? What would you cover it with? I like the light (or something) in the lower area for warmth. Thanks!!
  2. My fridge has a fan that starts up when it gets warm. I do want to camp in the cold, but just not sure how the fridge would handle it. My previous trailer I had parked at my house plugged into shore power. Left the fridge running. It got really cold out and snowed. The fridge froze up and shut off. I'm wondering if I am in a pretty cold area and have the fridge on propane if it will be ok? I have everything else covered for camping in the cold except the fridge. Maybe I'm over thinking it?
  3. Tucson is out, that is snowbird country and RV parks are real expensive. The other places sound great but I worry about the freezing temps at night and my RV. I am mainly worried about my fridge and how it would handle the freezing temps, it is in a slide out.
  4. Hi All, This year will be my first winter full timing. I'm looking for a place to park it for a few months during the winter. Here is what I am looking for: Someplace cold but not freezing temps Someplace I can go play in the snow where I don't have to drive very far Someplace that doesn't cost an arm and a leg per month to stay I don't want to go where all the snowbirds go (can't get in anyway) I am thinking maybe Utah?? Idaho? I don't know. So anybody know of any places like this?? Thanks!!! I am also ok with volunteering somewhere maybe for a spot to stay? I am a Jane of all trades!
  5. Follow me and check back often.....happy trails!! https://roaddivaontheroad.blogspot.com/
  6. Does anybody have this setup? The Winegard Air 360+ and the Winegard Gateway 4G LTE WiFi Router? I already have the 360+ antenna, came installed on my trailer. I am wondering how the Winegard Gateway 4G LTE WiFi Router performs on Verizon? I would have to purchase the Gateway, and then do I just purchase a data only plan from Verizon? Would this be a better option then getting unlimited data on my phone and using it as a hotspot? Thanks!!
  7. Hi All, My first post here....I'm currently getting ready to be a full timer, just waiting for the restrictions to be lifted. I have spent some time researching what would be best for me as far as the internet while on the road. I came up with possibly going with this Verizon plan ( I am currently a VZW customer) --> Unlimited Get More Data Plan $90 month This is what it offers: With our Get More Unlimited phone plan you get: Unlimited 4G LTE (+75 GB premium data)* Unlimited domestic talk and text HD-quality streaming on 4G LTE (720p) Unlimited mobile hotspot (30 GB)* 50% off an unlimited plan for a connected tablet or JetpackĀ® 500 GB Verizon Cloud storage Talk, text and data in Mexico and Canada Unlimited international texting from the US AppleĀ® Music Verizon Up Rewards I would use my phone as a hotspot for Netflix, Hulu or Prime video. I am wondering if any of you have gone this route? I hope to mostly boondock, which I usually do where I have cell signal. Thanks!!
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