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  1. My wife and I did finally break down and sign up for her employer offered insurance plan that is crazy expensive. We just couldn't stomach being without any longer. However, I am still interested in learning about other options and would love to hear some info from you. Thanks Mike!
  2. I guess I didn't realize that off-exchange was an option. I will look into that. Either way, it sounds like a PPO is what I need to look for though. Right? (Sorry for my lack of knowledge...Up until this point in my life, I just accepted whatever the school district I worked for offered us that year without question.)
  3. Yes...We were using Traveling Mailbox as our service out of Austin, but we weren't happy with their services. So a few months ago, we switched over to Escapees service, and have everything as far as domicile goes addressed to Livingston.
  4. Actually, we've had issues with quite a few different things (banks, credit cards, amazon...) when it comes to our mailing service. Hopefully, all of this will begin to change soon with the roll out of 5G networks and more work from home/remote work opportunities. I didn't even consider that it would be an issue for insurance. Guess we never stop learning! (Hopefully, just not so much of the trial and error type!)
  5. You pretty much pegged what's happening here for me and my wife. Our problem is that we don't qualify for subsidy, but major medical insurance is still way out of budget. So this "alternative" seemed to be a perfect fit for us. I'm just glad all you guys helped us out here. Sadly, it's just looking like we've got to somehow squeeze a major plan into our budget. Just wish us luck! Thanks for everything!
  6. Thanks Kirk! I'll check them out too. I guess I just thought that both groups were part of the same forum. I definitely appreciate the help that I've stumbled upon here though!
  7. Kinda seems like it... My wife and I are ready to start our family and we definitely need full health insurance. I'm glad we took the time to think it over and look into it further. I also really appreciate you chiming in to share your knowledge, Blues. Thanks again. Guess our hunt continues.
  8. I appreciate your comment Blues. Sounds like you are right on the money. That's probably why it seems so much more affordable. My wife and I are still considering it, but it looks like it is not what we are looking for. We are looking for major medical insurance. We still need to look into this more.
  9. Looks like Kirk is correct. The link won't appear until you log in, for some reason. But it looks exactly the same when you click on the direct link. So far, I've searched the BBB website, the Texas Department of Insurance website, I've called the Texas Department of Insurance Consumer Protection Service (1-800-252-3439), and searched the National Association of Insurance Commissioner website. From what I can find they are what they say they are. They are currently approved and licensed to sell insurance in Texas, currently offer policies, the agent that I directly spoke with, Luke M, is also currently licensed (since 2018), and Philadelphia American Life has no complaints against them that I can find. My wife and I are schedule to speak with Luke again tomorrow to follow up with any questions or concerns. I'll keep ya'll posted on how it goes.
  10. Here is a link to Escapees website with RV insurance exchange. https://member.escapees.com/benefits/healthandwellness/ I am also hearing that Kyle is not with them anymore, but I spoke with a Mr. Neighbors (I believe) from RV Insurance Exchange yesterday. He kind of helped ease my worries by pointing my in the direction of the Texas Department of Insurance website, but their website is not very user friendly. So, it's still hard to find much info on them.
  11. I'm also very interested in some more info about this topic. My wife and I are looking at health insurance options. We spoke with a rep from Philadelphia American, and it just seems too good to be true. Anyone out there have any experience with them? Is this a good option for health insurance (not a scam)?
  12. My wife and I are trying to create an Amazon seller account. We are currently on the road in California, and all of our mail goes to Livingston through Escapees. Amazon requires a utility bill for your home address to be approved for a seller account. However, we are not able to provide anything like this because we are full time. Has anyone ever dealt with this issue before? Any advice? Thanks!
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