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  1. I just took the Class B CDL exempt written test today (Feb 7 2020) at the DPS mega center office in Rosenberg, TX. A few notes from my experience: 1. I thought I would be super prepared and complete the two forms mentioned at the start of this thread. I even had form CDL-2 notarized - as it has space for a notary. Well, turns out my DPS person didn’t want it notarized - that notary space was for the DPS person to sign it. She threw away my notarized copy and had me fill out the form again. 2. The DPS person also told me that getting a class B license is a modification to my existing license and in 2020, Texas is converting all drivers licenses to the Federal Real ID standard. That means you need to prove identity when getting the class B license. She asked me for my passport....which I did not bring to simply take the written test. She did say I could take care of it when I returned for the driving test. I recommend taking a passport or birth certificate when you go for the written test - assuming you don’t yet have a Real ID drivers license. She also mentioned something about bringing my social security card. Just to be safe, I’m going to bring those items when I do the driving test. 3. As previously mentioned, the test is 20 questions.....must get 14 correct to pass (I got 16 correct - so I passed, whew). There were a few question that I don’t remember seeing the topic covered in Section 14. I totally guessed on 3 questions. 4. They scheduled my driving test (@ the Rosenberg DPS center - even though on the DPS website, it doesn’t seem to indicated that center is a valid choice for the driving test) for March 4. My $11 payment receipt indicated I had until May 7th to complete my driving test. 5. Everyone was very nice. I made my appointment via their online schedule website. I waited about 20 minutes...then I was taking the written test. Hope that helps, Dave
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