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  1. 1 minute ago, chiefneon said:

    NealC, I’m located in Livingston, Texas at the Escapees. What would it take for you to ship it to me?

    Email me at neal@rvforums.com. It’s bulky especially the pole so the UPS Store is probably going to be $75-100 for shipping, don’t know. You can just pay me whatever the actual shipping is plus your offer for the unit. 

  2. On 1/3/2020 at 10:07 AM, pjstough said:

    As a side note, your boondocking will give you a chance to put your internet setup to the test.  I would appreciate if you would post some internet speed test results from these places.

    Thanks in advance.

    I've been in some severe fringe locations already such as Wahweap CG at Lake Powell and now at Grand Canyon Trailer village. No cellular boosting required, the Pepwave setup has saved the day time after time! Without it I would have no Internet!

  3. I've been watching it. This is so needed. I'm hoping Amazon (JB) will also do the same and have some space competition. I just despise cell towers, glad someone is moving to the future. I hope they can deliver the bandwidth and grow to the needs over time. 

    Remember what we paid for a phone in the house back in the '70's? Sucks we are paying that if not 2x and 3x (people with kids, etc.) for monthly phone costs!

  4. They always find a way :) Yeah, I did the hot sauce thing too and my lab at that time wanted more haha. And yes I've had the furniture legs knawed, been there as well. 

    I made a terrible mistake with my last lab and I'm sure not to do that again. I played "I'm gonna get it" in other words a game of chase when she had a toy. Well, my labrador "retriever" never retrieved, it was chase. She did fine off the boat and swimming for retrieving but it was hard to exercise her as we never got the fetch/retrieve concept figured out. That is not happening this time around!

  5. I got the PUK1 and 2 codes from AT&T via live chat and moved my SIM out of the Mobley and into a Pepwave BR1 MK2 LTE-A router. Works great. So if your Mobley died but the SIM still works you can try to move it but you may need a mobley (borrow one?) to put your SIM into to get the procedure to work which requires you to set a PIN code on the sim. 

  6. For higher bandwidth options you could try to get into the AT&T Connected Car plan then move the line to a SIM card and then use that in a Pepwave router which I highly recommend. I personally use two Pepwave routers: BR1 MK2 LTE-A for primary, BR1 MINI LTE-A for secondary and that allows me to use two carriers simultaneously and also have wifi options. The other larger bandwidth options are prepaid unlimiteds which come and go, I got into Verizon's and they quite frankly are terrible, AT&T seems to be the top dog as of this writing. I also have a Sprint hotspot plan, it was 120 GB when I got it, the site shows 200 GB now, it works well in various areas but not as good as AT&T (I have the mobley offering).

    The new Pepwave firmware offers a TTL override which you can set something like "65" which I'm using now that helps prevent carriers from determining if you're on a hotspot or cell phone as they may have different speeds for each. 

    I use various roof antennas but my favorites are the Panorama 5-in-1 and I use the 2-in-1 for the BR1 MINI. I also have SureCall and Panorama Omni's I've experimented with. 


    Pepwave and Cradlepoint are the way to go now over other inferior offerings IMHO. Give 5Gstore.com a call and ask them for recommendations. That's who I did all my business with. I'm not affiliated with them.

  7. 5 minutes ago, Carlos said:

    Crates should be sized to the dog.  There shouldn't be a large and small crate in different locations.  Ideally they should be as alike as possible to reduce stress.

    I agree but I don't want a 42 inch crate for a lab in my RV during her puppy months. I'm not sure when she's full grown (1 year+) that I'll continue the crate in the RV. This is more for initial training and containment now while she's a puppy. I have the full size crate at home. I just don't think I can fit the crate where I want in the RV in the full size version. I'll have to do some measuring again, it would be nice to not buy two or have one wasted when she outgrows it.

  8. I have a software business and I work a good 8+ hours a day from my RV. In a home based business you can write off the square footage of your house that's the office, obviously in the RV that's negligible. For those that are using your RV for your business what are your write-offs? Anyone bought an RV under their business? Is that smart or not? Any tips on doing so? As I will also use the RV for business travel there's that aspect. My accountant hasn't been much help in this area mainly because this has been an evolving situation but I welcome tips on those that have tied their coach to their business and in what ways. My business is an S Corp.

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