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  1. 6 kids in total. Plus a friend or so... I didn't know about coachnet.. What happens if you have some engine issues and need help right away? That is something I am waiting to be ready for. And thank you for the advice.
  2. Picking up my "new 2 me" RV tomorrow. I have never been more excited about throwing money away.. Class A Thor hurricane 34j I know there is good Sams RV and other clubs... Are they woth it? I see some sell insurance and other junk. Not sure what it is all about... I want to make sure I have some kind of road side type help before taking any big trips... I plan on camping close to home a few times to get the hang of something other than a tent... Any tips, suggestions on what i need.. I have read needing a toolbox... (that is rather broad.. what kind of tools?) Air compressor.. I am handy, so is there any Haynes manual type thing for the engine? I have read about GPS phone apps to help avoid problems with height and gas...
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