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  1. I am reviving this thread to add: ALWAYS check your fire extinguisher before hitting the road. I hope you never need to use it but they are in the rv for a reason.
  2. tc49

    New to RVing

    You might want a small plastic tool box that has several screwdrivers and crescent wrenches, vice grip and channel lock pliers, Utility knife, duct tape, electrical tape, a magnet on an extendable rod, measuring tape, small flashlight, needle nose pliers, allen wrenches, a small hammer, a can of WD40 and a can of PB blaster (or similar). I also carry a cordless drill and a small plastic tray of bits. Over time you'll add more to the collection.
  3. When going back north from south Texas on I35 we would pass several huge RV dealerships with MANY motorhomes being sold on consignment. Folks would spend the winter then sell their motorhome instead of taking it back north. I was told you could get a pretty good deal buying that way.
  4. tc49

    Turkey Creek

    we have stayed at a campground downstream from Bull Shoals Lake at Cotter Arkansas that also floods from time to time. Crazy amount of water coming down the riverbed.
  5. I like your posts and you have a lot to offer. This, however is not in line with the laws of physics and aerodynamics. Lift is created by molecules traveling faster over a curved space (like a wing -- or an RV rooftop). There may be a leak -- or not. Ever see a convertible going down the interstate with the roof bowed up? Same principle. peace tom
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