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  1. Palmeris, Yes we expect to be in a MDT at a minimum. What we hope to do is thread the needle between being too heavy for the MDT and being able to fit as many toys as we possibly can. We don't want to be so heavy we have to move up to the HDT as that would not be practical at all for in town daily driver and we would be forced into getting a small vehicle for that which of course takes up valuable toy space..... Basically we want to be able to take as many toys as possible but we also want the highest quality of finish we can get in our RV. I think there a LOT of folks who like us are empty nesters with disposable income that are in the exact same boat. It certainly seems that way from how the HC381TH took off in sales. We are just a few years away from retirement and trying to decide if our RV will be a Class A diesel pusher with a massive toy trailer in tow or an MDT towing a custom 5th wheel. I think the costs will be similar either way we go. Right now we are full timing due to my career but we do own a country estate in North Central Arkansas. We are looking at buying property in Florida as well for snow birding when we do retire. At the point of retirement, we will use the RV for hopscotch trips around the country during the summer and maybe to winter in Florida but we will never sell the Estate.
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    Getting ready for retirement. Trying decide between a Class A diesel pusher towing a "stacker trailer" or a custom two story 5th wheel. Looking into having Spacecraft build us a custom 5th wheel. Currently in a Thor/Keystone Montana High Country 381TH. Looking to have Spacecraft build a similar unit but with the mid Kitchen floor at the same height as front living room and rear bedroom/bathroom (basically like most Class A diesel pushers). The idea being to have a massive basement garage for as many toys as we can fit UNDER the living space. Its the next logical step in the evolution of the two story toy hauler concept that started with the Grand Design and Montana HC 381TH. Wanting to open up conversations with current Spacecraft owners. Particularly interested in what they tow with. I know our current 1 ton dually won't be enough but hoping to not have to go full HDT and have to bring a daily driver along......
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