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  1. I love it. But it is to heavy for my truck(supped up 1/2 tun). Will be selling it after my new build is complete. My build is for off road. Only problem i'm having is i'm 6'4"... So top heavy is hard to advoid on hard shell. Ty... I'm on clay. I did us a vibrator plat device.. Kinda looks like a lawnmower with a snow sled on bottom. I'm hoping that made ground solid anuf to prevent sinking.
  2. I don't see any jack pints. I'll be siting here for at least a year. And I wanted to take stress off the tires. I mainly want to know if the frame can handle all the w8 on the bumper end during blocking. The teder toder method. Right now I have it slightly lifted on 6 jack stands. 2 stabilizers that are mounted on back end/bumper area. I dowt thay are level/square. It might warp it. Thats why I want to correct it by leveling 4-6 block method.
  3. Hi all I have a 29 foot weekend worrier camp trailer. It has 2 axles. Should I block it next to tiers and/or is it safe to block it at back end of frame by bumper ? I'm trying to prevent frame warp/brake.
  4. ok.. ty I was kinda thinking that. I just need'd a second opinion.
  5. Hi Can I unplug/disconnect inverter/charger during shore line power ?
  6. I want to start traveling way north(usa). Ill be setting up a similar shower set up as the video's. I want to be super light w8. TY I spent a few hrs going thru Campervan Kevin you tubes loking for this.. I gave up. Good stuff. Would Epson salt burn eye's 😜 I live wear its cold and I have lots of fresh water(Over 80 gall tanks). I also will have to be plugged into power so i'll have live water feed. If and ween I get solar panels and wind turbine power system I will definitely be making similar set up for ween I go camping. I steal need to know if the rv will take damage from taking long showers in it every day !?
  7. I'm hopping to be very mobile. I have a big rv right now but Ill be selling it to get money for my project. I'm working on getting a small 5th wheel trailer frame and gutting a different trailer to make a small 5th wheel toy hauler. I'm hopping by making it shorter it makes a big difference in weight. I'm not having much luck yet.. Finance wiys. I want to do all my weight meshermints befor buying/modding a truck.
  8. Sounds cool.. Is there good flexible solar panels these days (fold able) ? Would bee awsum if you could give a drawing/photo of the design idea you thinking about !
  9. Hi all I was thinking about making this just with insulation board r10-20+. I defenetly need a out door room for drying laundry and I will be making a small RMH (Rocket Mass Heater) for drying. And may bey add water heating and turn it in to a shower/dry room. Or I will be upgrading my RV's bath room but I am concerned about condensation/moister/water damage. Should I be concerned about condensation/moister/water damage? I like super hot water and about 17-28 min showers. I don't have any thermometers to give you an idea other than wen I shower at house's I pretty much have the hot water max'd out. So should I shower outside or in rv for long hot shower's ?
  10. Sounds like the only option would bet to apply some kind of defrosting. LOL I might use part of a car port/tent to make a patio awning. Something with a greater slop angel.
  11. Hi all Any Idea on how a person would go about having there awning out during snow fall ? My roller keeps un rolling if I don't have awning fully extended(are all models like this or is myn broken ?). I was afraid to have 100% out du to snow w8. I try'd it for a bite but I constantly was sweeping off the snow.
  12. the wand thing is what i'm going to try first for bulk. Freeze is a few hr away now LOL
  13. No I live on a big property at the moment. But I can rebuild a engen with less 80lb of tools. Ty good idea . It will give me the frame to work with Tru. lots 😜
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