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  1. On 11/23/2019 at 8:33 AM, chirakawa said:

    Who's post made you so defensive?

    I don't think anyone was throwing stones.  Someone brought up the legality point, so we were having a discussion about it.  I've been using a workaround of one sort or another for over 11 years for internet, all of them against the terms of service.  I connected my flip phone for years via PDANet to get 3G data. 


    Nobody's ...To be defensive..one must first be offended. I have not been offended by anything anyone has posted here lol. To each their own.I just thought it was kind of ironic where some people draw lines on legalities to what suits their own needs at the time. As I stated earlier....I am good with what I am doing and  hope some found this thread as helpful as I did !!!

  2. If we want to knit pick on this then you must on every other aspect of life.

    All of this conversation here reminds me of the time when you had to pay for every single tv  or telephone you had hooked up  in your house. Some people paid the hefty price...some people bought some  telephone line,coax cable,splitters and wired up a few extra tvs or phones. All of this was illegal.

    Do you go 58mph when the speed limit is 55? ..well you are breaking the law and can be punished.

    Drink a beer in a coozie on the beach where the  access sign  says "no alcoholic beverages allowed"..well you have committed a crime !

    if you really want to get technical ..in most states sexual oral copulation (BJ) or sodomy (backdoor action) is still illegal...so gentleman pull up your pants or pay the price !

    point is...lets not throw stones while living in glass Rv's   :)

  3. 19 minutes ago, Zulu said:

    Have people been caught doing this? If so, what happens?

    2 years Prison and daily whippings with a 5ft LAN cable !!! ..Just kidding.  They will  likely close the prepaid account. At that point you will have to setup a new one or use another carriers plan like tmobil,verison ..or  that OTR mobile docj mentioned

  4. 52 minutes ago, docj said:

    And, to be quite clear, you are violating AT&T's Terms of Service (TOS) for that plan.  The alternative is to pay a bit more per month and get a SIM from a business like OTR Mobile, a company that maintains it has a reseller relationship with AT&T and is authorized to use its SIMs in hotspots.  Each of us has to decide what we feel comfortable doing.  For the additional $25/mo it costs me to use OTR Mobile, I'm comfortable doing that.  

    LOL...wish you had mentioned OTR mobile in your earlier post????.. I may have went that route. Personally,I have been violated plenty by most every major cell carrier, so I am comfortable with bending the rules a little in this case :)

  5. 1 hour ago, Mntom said:

    First thing that comes to mind regarding the shower head is to unscrew the hose from the head and check for water flow. If you have decent flow there then try soaking the head in vinegar or even some CLR.

    What do you mean by this?


    water shoots out from the top of the faucet straight  up iinto the air lol and some dribbles out the side of the hot /cold knobs

  6. 1 hour ago, Bobbyb said:

    Surfside: Please tell us more about that ATT $35.00 plan. Is it the hacked plan that is sold on Ebay? Thanks

    Lol Kind of..sort of...maybe

    You dont need to buy it on ebay though. Here are the steps :

    1. Buy  netgear nighthawk m1hotspot approx $150 on ebay(use only this router for this method)

    2. Buy ATT unlimited data sim card from walmart,best buy etc for $10...(tip: take picture of sim card ICCID number its a lot easier to see the numbers) Save this number for account setup DO NOT INSERT SIM INTO NIGHTHAWK HOTSPOT UNTIL AFTER STEP #7

    3. go to google play store and download " IMEI Generator" app and open it and click "Generator" then input this TAC code at the top "3558200" and then click orange "Generate" button.

    4. A list of numbers all starting with 3558 will show up. Copy any one and save it along with all of your other account info you will be creating so you have it for future use. This will be your IMEI # when setting up your ATT account.

    5.  go to https://dcp2.att.com/OEPNDClient/  click "get your pass"

    6. input the ICCID # (sim card) and IMEI #   (3558??????)click next

    7. Choose the domestic unlimited data plan with autopay (this gets you the service for $35 a month) .Fill out your autopay Credit card or bank info accept the terms of service and pay for your first months service.THEN CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR CONFIRMATION !

    8. Take your ATT sim and place it into the router and turn it on. You will then need to connect to the router  by typing 192.168.1 into your browser and the ATTwifimanger page should pop up or try connecting to it with your wifi on your laptop or tablet and when prompted enter the password that the nighthawk hotspot is showing on its screen and then attwifimanger  webpage will pop up.

    9.Set up your network name and password.

    10.Connect to the internet with up to 20 devices !!!! :)  


    What you are doing is setting up your att simcard to look like its in a ipad  when you are actually using it in nighthawk hotspot router.

    DO NOT ASK ATT FOR ASSISTANCE WITH SETTING THIS UP ! DO NOT CONTACT ATT Customer service and tell them you are using a hotspot router with the unlimited plan they will tell you to buy the pricey hotspot plans and possibly kill your account.

    Hope this helps some of you it took me some time to type it all out lol.


  7. Update : I went with ATT Unlimited data prepay plan With auto-pay I am at $35.00 a month :).Got an ATT sim card from bestbuy $10. and also bought a Netgear att Nighthawk M1 hotspot from ebay for $150.  I was able to config the hotspot router to  the att sim and now have unlimted no  throttle with ability to use multiple devices. I was able to use 40"smart tv with  firestick ,laptop and cell phone with no issues. This seems like it will suit my current needs !

    Thank you all again ! 😎

  8. 32 minutes ago, Tom_M said:

    Thanks Tom ! I checked out the togo and the reviews. I am concerned about not having access to the router and also seems  a lot of people were having issues with LTE network going down or not connecting.I may have to pass on this one until they allow router access and LTE functions a bit better. 

    From what I am gathering so far(and I maybe wrong)  ATT prepaid unlimited plan with a hotspot might be good option to start with.

  9. 3 hours ago, Technomadia said:

    Unfortunately, it's really hard to suggest 'you should get' - as there really is no singular best option out there. And the options change all the time - a lot of the options folks have been using might not be currently available. 

    We personally use a grandfathered Verizon & AT&T unlimited plans.  We test them out regularly in a combination of high end routers (currently the Pepwave MAX Transit), consumer hotspots and WiFiRanger's new Converge line up.  We prefer MIMO antennas to boosters for data performance in most places. 

    If you want to see our current personal setup, we have it at: http://www.technomadia.com/internet - we also explain how it comes together.

     - Cherie



    Thanks for the input !   Not really looking for a best option as that is a matter of opinion...really im just looking for a  package that is affordable and works lol

    Can anyone along the south east coast fill me in on who (carrier) and what(hardware) they are currently using in simple terms..im not trying to turn this into rocket science lol  ?

  10. OK so read a few threads on internet access and its all turning to jello in my mind 🤢

    What I need is a reliable service that will run my laptop and roku/firestick  for my 40" smart tv simultaneous in my class C. I will need over 20g a month.I  would also like to use open wifi points like at McD's .Im on the south east coast(NC,SC,GA,FL) and not really in any rural areas (for now) . I have seen pre pay plans through ATT,Verizon,Straight talk,Sprint(never use again) and a few others but dont want to sign up for one until I get some solid advice.

    Can someone please suggest the best full package of what I should or could use as far as : Mobile hot spot,router,antenna ,booster,phone plan? 

     l just want someone to say "hey for your needs I would get this,this and this and you will be ready to go" and save all the "coulda shoulda woulda's" for another day LOL .


  11. Thank you for all the added info and advice !!!😀

    I am going to go with the advice given here and get the Onan going then I will see what other power options suits my needs.It's obviously best to have that in running condition and then a use stand alone unit as my backup.

    I am having the fridge looked at  today..Will be using a local rv company to service the generator . Over the weekend I was able to get it running for a very short period of time and now getting the switch light blinking 3 times for service.

    Found leak coming from the Dometic Sealand toilet handle. Would that leak effect the pressure to the shower head and or sink faucets?Any links,tips etc on getting that model fixed would be much appreciated. :)



  12. Thanks for the input I appreciate it for sure !


    The range does work after I got an rv repair guy to come install a new valve down by the tank. Are the lines for the fridge and stove one in the same? I would have assumed all would have there own lines..When I removed the dinette I also removed the heater and capped the gas line going to it..there was another separate line that seemed to be running towards back of fridge.

    The Gen does run on the engine fuel tank but low fuel is not the problem .From my  previous research before I even tried starting the generator i made sure there was over half tank of fuel in the tank.It is $125hr for the Gen repair people and I was told it will be a couple of hours at least plus any needed parts :( Hate to get $600+ into the onboard gen if I don't need too.I don't mind paying but just want to make sure the means justify the ends... Any mechanical/practical reason the Onan on board would be better money wise then going with a new quiet plugged into shore power cable? I am going to be boondockiing so was thinking of going with a quiet Gen ...any suggestions on the best one 3500w or above?

    Thw microwave is not also convection but I did see some convection ovens recently and will have to go back and check them out again.Thanks !

  13. Hello All !

    I am new here and will be living full time in my 2005 Class C Four Winds Majestic 23a by the end of this month.

    My rig has a few issues...maybe some of you can offer some tips or suggestions to help me prepare for ful time living.

    1. Onan 4k generator isnt running..it wants too but just cant get it to start..have a few ideas on getting it going like spark plug,seafoam treatment,fuel filter...wondering if I should just get a  3500w quiet converter generator for now or a lithium converter generator...the only electric I will be running is TV,laptop and A/C in summer (hence 3500w)...Do I really need to factory Onan working? COuld a dead cell in a battery stop it from turning over?

    2. Turned on water pump and some shout out of the top of kitchen faucets  (seal leak?) ...also found some dripping out of the rear driver side undercarriage ..havent gotten the panels off by shower bottom or wall panel yet to investigate but thought mybe someone here might have had same issue.

    3. MY rig has a propane stove but no oven..any suggestions on what kind to get?

    4. Fridge works with shore power but not getting it to work on propane..watched some videos on ressting the panel..did that but still not working on gas..read some about a pilot not firing ??


    Thanks in advance for any help :)



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