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  1. Thank you SWharton and Kirk W. Exactly the kind of info I'm looking for. I've had been considering both Garmin and Rand McNally ... but leaning towards Garmin in the last couple of weeks and talking with some people who've been happy with the Garmin. But I thought I'd finally post to these forums where you folks to a lot of traveling and surely someone had some feelings one way or the other about various units. Much appreciated.
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm not an RVer but I want to purchase a good Stand-Alone GPS system for car navigation in the next week or so and I would really appreciate some input from those of you that use a Stand-Alone GPS on a regular basis. I realize that most/many of you will be using RV-Specific or Trucker-Specific units, but most manufacturers have comparable units for cars without the added RV/Trucker specifics .... so I'd still appreciate knowing what you RVers are using as I'm sure it will assist me in making an educated decision. I emailed the always helpful Emily Fagan of Roads Less Traveled (RLT), and since they do not use any GPS, she recommended 3 Forums of avid & knowledgeable RVers that I should contact and see what all of you are using and are happy with. rv.net rvnetwork.com irv2.com Note that I will be cross-posting this request to the 3 forums above, so please ignore it on the other forums if you've already replied. Here are my ideas / wish list ......... Initial thoughts: Stand-alone GPS System. No more than $300. Not interested in any Phone Based GPS. I've used several different stand-alone GPS units several years ago and I found that all were hard to enter destinations, and were just overall difficult to use. I'm interested in the following, but not in any order of priority. *** I will NOT be connecting a smart phone to the unit for calling or any reason. Cost - let's say up to $300 Definitely MANUFACTURER SUPPORT, ie, a company that stands by their product IF there is a problem and is easy to contact, ie, answers the phone if necessary. Prefer a larger screen, but functionality is more important Easy to enter destinations and easy RE-ROUTE manually when desired Un-cluttered EASY to view/read map screen while driving Lifetime FREE map updates Includes "traffic" or "construction" functionality. (Unless there is a consensus that it's useless - please advise) is TOUCH SCREEN useful ? Thank you in advance to anyone who can take the time to share your experience and assist me in purchasing a unit that I will find useful. Regards to all, Lance
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