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  1. Also, when things are very tricky with me, I go to Google Maps and look where there are the closest sources of water. When I am building the route of my travel, I also take this into account
  2. Tom Cooper

    Turkey Creek

    Wow, this is very sad. I hope this does not happen again. But in any case, it raised attention around them.
  3. Tom Cooper

    Turkey Creek

    Exactly. If the place is surrounded by hills, then what kind of flood can we talk about? Perhaps this is such a PR move?
  4. If mobility is the top priority, then why take a three-wheeled scooter? This will re-read the top priority.
  5. Glad you have such a cheerful mood! I hope your problem will be solved soon and you will have a positive impression from this forum🤪
  6. Well said, Barbaraok. Nothing to add. I would like to tell Alice that you do not need to immediately throw or give up, this is difficult at the initial stage, but after a while it will not be difficult for you.
  7. Sure you may. It even needs to be done from time to time. True, you do not overdo it) Mechanics, it is not eternal
  8. With patience, you can wait when you are ready to travel with your wife. In the meantime, you can do the preparatory phase
  9. Also switched to these tires, Toyo. Only instead of 5 feet, I add 7. At 5, I felt a little discomfort in the ride, but 7 is perfect. Maybe this is my specificity
  10. This is the place to be! But are you not afraid to damage something during work? And will insurance work for such manipulations? For me it's a risky business
  11. I also owned the 8800L. After 3 days I just threw it away because of nerves
  12. This is pretty sad. I hope your dog will not let you get bored!😀
  13. That is, you plan it without a wife, as I understand it? Won't you be lonely?
  14. It is strange that such a question was addressed here. This is a legal issue, here you can only hear advice, and not a plan of correct action. I would rather consult a lawyer. I hope you solve your situation
  15. Very happy for you! I hope you have only good impressions. What I would advise to take is definitely some kind of games: twister, checkers, cards. If only it were not boring
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