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  1. Will see, it should arrive today. I'll test it and see overall quality. If in doubt nothing holds me to use the power of amazon and just return it
  2. What you think about B-Qtech Wireless Solar Power TPMS ? The price looks promising, and as far as I can see the only downside it is not scalable if I'll need TPMS for trailer. Probably I'll give it a shot.
  3. Thanks everybody, this is very valuable! I need some time to make this happen. Just did quick upgrade from queen size bed to king, but this was easy cosmetic change. Next thing will be Bell Crank replacement, looks like I need it to remove excessive steering.
  4. Hi, We just bought Class A RV and wondering what needs to be checked before first trip. It is 2002 Itasca Sunova on Workhorse chassis. Since I'm very new to RVing I desperately need your advices I have some experience with light car fixes and somehow handy, so prefer to start with something I can do myself before hitting professional shop. Here are few thing I would start: Oil and other liquids check Brakes - is it possible to check on my own? Tires - do you recommend to install TPMS? Thinking to replace stock anti-sway bar since they started to use 2 1/2" from 2003 - does it worth the effort? How to check if I need new shocks? I think somewhere should be a good checklist for this kind of things, appreciate if you can point me there. Thanks!
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